"Kijiji" Isn't Kutting It. How about eBay Classifieds?

<img src="" /> eBay is having second thoughts about how easy it will be to spread the Kijiji brand in the U.S. The comp

Ex-MySpacers Launch Corkin, A Social Classifieds Portal

<img src="" alt="" /><a href="">Corkin</a> is a new web service that combines classifieds listings with a set of soci

Ebay Survey Says Americans Buy Crap They Don't Want

This inbox item caught my eye. Ebay commissioned a survey on behalf of their fast growing Kijiji product (it competes with and engages in litigation with Craigslist) . The survey revealed surprising (

Microsoft Exits Classified Listings Business

Microsoft Live Expo, their experiment with classified listings that launched in early 2006, will be shut down on July 31, says a notice posted on the site. New listings have already been suspended. Th

Walmart Launches Classified Listings

Walmart has added a classified listings service to their site. Silicon Valley startup Oodle, which was founded in 2004, is powering the service. The listings are free, which means Walmart is likely do

eBay Vs. Craigslist, Round II. Craigslist Punches Back With Its Own Lawsuit.

Following the lawsuit eBay filed against Craigslist two weeks ago, Craigslist is punching back today. In a countersuit (complaint embedded below), Craigslist wants back the 28.4 percent of its shares

Craigslist Competitor OLX Raises $13.5M

According to co-founder Fabrice Grinda, “OLX is probably the largest classified site no one has ever heard of.” And now it’s also the most funded classified site no one has ever hear

Kijiji Talks Smack About Craigslist: "We Will Be No. 1 In the U.S."

Why can’t brothers and sisters just get along? As I noted earlier this month, eBay’s free classifieds site Kijiji is coming on strong since its launch in the U.S. last summer. Of course, e

Watch out Craigslist, Sister Site Kijiji Is Taking Off.

It’s not yet a Craigslist killer, but eBay’s free classifieds site Kijiji is taking off in the U.S. eBay, of course, is also an investor in Craigslist, but its 25 percent stake doesn&#8217

eBay To Craigslist: Game On With US Version Of Kijiji

eBay has opened a US version of its classifieds site Kijiji. Kijiji has previously been available in Canada as well as parts of Europe and Asia, and is a direct competitor to Craigslist. The Wall Stre