• KidZui Raises $2.4M, Launches Zui Studios To Create More Videos For Kids

    KidZui Raises $2.4M, Launches Zui Studios To Create More Videos For Kids

    Exclusive – KidZui, maker of family-friendly Internet products like a safe browser and a video destination for kids, has scored another $2.4 million in funding from existing investors, led by Mission Ventures and Costella Kirsch. The capital will be used for the development of a new video production division dubbed Zui Studios. Read More

  • KidZui Launches, An ‘Internet Experience For Kids’, Raises $2 Million

    KidZui Launches, An ‘Internet Experience For Kids’, Raises $2 Million

    Exclusive – KidZui, a San Diego, California-based startup that offers a Web browser for kids, has debuted its latest product, a website called that allows kids to search and explore more than 5 million parent-approved websites, YouTube videos, games, images and whatnot. In addition, the fledgling company has announced that it has secured an additional $2 million in funding from… Read More

  • Browser-For-Kids Maker KidZui Scores $4M, Deals With Best Buy, DreamWorks

    Kid-friendly Web browser maker KidZui has been on a bit of a roll in recent times, and not just on a product level. The company is lining up high-profile partnerships with corporations like Best Buy, Comcast and DreamWorks and investors have now followed up on those deals with a new, $4 million financing round. This round, which brings the total investment in KidZui to $14 million, was led… Read More

  • KIDO'Z Upgrades Its Web Environment For Kids

    KIDO’Z, the Israeli company behind the eponymous media browser for kids, has released a new version of its program and insists that we now refer to it as a Web OS for kids instead. It’s certainly not an invalid point, since the new KIDO’Z incorporates communication features besides content consumption elements only, and the company is making strides in signing up computer… Read More

  • KidZui's Newest Browser For Kids Is All About Sharing

    Have young children? You might want to check this out, particularly if they’re taking their first steps on the Web right about now. KidZui, the web browser that’s built for kids, is today launching KidZui 5.0, featuring more functionality for parents and children to discover and share the Internet together. Read More

  • No Child's Play: KIDO'Z Creates A Kid-Friendly Media Browser

    Making a browser may not exactly be child’s play, but there is still a need for one children can play with. Tel Aviv, Israel-based KIDO’Z is taking a crack at it by launching its custom media browser for kids today, so if you have any young children who use the internet on a regular basis, you might want to give this one a whirl. KIDO’Z is a pretty nifty Adobe AIR-powered… Read More

  • KidZui Starts Youth Off Early on Social Networking

    KidZui, the kid-friendly web browser that debuted last March as a subscription service but switched over to a freemium model just a few months later, has introduced a suite of social networking features designed for kids aged 3-12. There are obvious safety concerns when developing a product that helps kids communicate with others online, especially since it’s nearly impossible to ensure… Read More

  • KidZui Persuaded by the Power of Free

    KidZui is a kid-safe browser made available in March for those willing to pay a monthly subscription fee ($5/mo to start and $10/mo thereafter). The exclusively subscription-based model (which did include a 30-day trial) was a bit unusual since most consumer products on the web are free nowadays, at least for a base level of service. SmugMug is one company that purports to profit quite nicely… Read More

  • KidZui: The Kid Safe Browser

    KidZui is an ambitious project, launching tonight, intended not only to make the internet safe for kids (aged 3-12), but to provide a browsing experience that caters to their cognitive powers and surfaces the best juvenile content as well. The concern for children’s safety on the net has been around for years and has usually been addressed with software that attempts to blacklist all… Read More