KidZui Raises $2.4M, Launches Zui Studios To Create More Videos For Kids

<strong>Exclusive -</strong> KidZui, maker of family-friendly Internet products like a <a href="">safe browser</a> and a <a href="http://zui.

KidZui Launches, An ‘Internet Experience For Kids’, Raises $2 Million

<strong>Exclusive -</strong> <a href="">KidZui</a>, a San Diego, California-based startup that offers a <a href="">W

Browser-For-Kids Maker KidZui Scores $4M, Deals With Best Buy, DreamWorks

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KIDO'Z Upgrades Its Web Environment For Kids

<img src="" width="117" height="101" /><a href="">KIDO'Z</a>, the Israeli company behind the eponymous <a href="http://w

KidZui's Newest Browser For Kids Is All About Sharing

<img src="" width="213" height="98" />Have young children? You might want to check this out, particularly if they're taking their

No Child's Play: KIDO'Z Creates A Kid-Friendly Media Browser

<img src="" width="117" height="101" />Making a browser may not exactly be child's play, but there is still a need for one children can

KidZui Starts Youth Off Early on Social Networking

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KidZui Persuaded by the Power of Free

KidZui is a kid-safe browser made available in March for those willing to pay a monthly subscription fee ($5/mo to start and $10/mo thereafter). The exclusively subscription-based model (which did inc

KidZui: The Kid Safe Browser

KidZui is an ambitious project, launching tonight, intended not only to make the internet safe for kids (aged 3-12), but to provide a browsing experience that caters to their cognitive powers and surf