• Path For Families? Kidfolio Brings Private Social Networking For Parents To iPhone

    Path For Families? Kidfolio Brings Private Social Networking For Parents To iPhone

    Hey look: another private, micro social networking service has just launched. From Alt12 Apps, which moms know better as the maker of the BabyBump app, there now comes a new mobile-only private social networking service for parents called Kidfolio. The app, which is celebrating its public release today, offers parents tools for private sharing – mainly photos of children – which can… Read More

  • FarFaria Brings A Hulu For Kids’ Stories To The iPad

    FarFaria Brings A Hulu For Kids’ Stories To The iPad

    “Grumpy Cat! Grumpy Cat! More Grumpy Cat, please!” – That’s basically my two-year-old’s review of FarFaria, a new subscription-based children’s storybook app for the iPad. (To translate: she loves it, and especially that story about the grumpy cat.) The app, to be clear, doesn’t just offer the one story – not that my kid seems to care right… Read More

  • Famigo Raises $1M For Its Kid-Friendly App Directory And Parental Control Software

    Famigo Raises $1M For Its Kid-Friendly App Directory And Parental Control Software

    Famigo, the Austin-based startup building a directory of family-oriented and kid-friendly mobile apps, announced today that it has raised $1 million in funding led by Silverton Partners. Also participating in the round were Zilker Ventures, Liahona Ventures, and CapitalFactory. The company, which currently offers an online directory of apps as well as parental control software for Android, says… Read More

  • ThredUP Shuts Down Kids Clothes Swapping Service In Favor Of Online Consignment

    ThredUP Shuts Down Kids Clothes Swapping Service In Favor Of Online Consignment

    The online kids clothing exchange thredUP is shutting down its clothes swapping service. But wait! Don’t panic, moms! (And dads, too, if you’re all 50/50 about the child-rearing duties. Haven’t met one of those yet, but I hear they exist). The good news is that thredUP itself is not shutting down, it’s just focusing on the more successful area of its business: its… Read More

  • InstaMatch Turns Instagram Into A Game

    InstaMatch Turns Instagram Into A Game

    Tiny Hearts, the Toronto-based studio behind Pocket Zoo, a top 50 iOS app (and one of my kid’s personal favorites), has just released a new title that turns Instagram into a game. The new app is called InstaMatch, and it’s a modernized take on the classic memory matching game. In InstaMatch, instead of using images of duplicate items, the photos users match up come from Instagram. Read More

  • Making Learning Fun For Kids, Everything Butt Art Launches Its First iPad App

    Making Learning Fun For Kids, Everything Butt Art Launches Its First iPad App

    You know what’s funny? If you Google “how do you get kids to learn” (sans quotes, even), the first result goes to this TechCrunch blog post about an app that lets kids draw butts on the iPad. Really! The post details the company called Madbrook (aka Everything Butt Art), which launched at TechCrunch Disrupt NY in May. It’s the brand behind a series of printed books… Read More

  • Fingerprint’s Educational Apps For Kids Are Hot: 2M+ Minutes Played This Month

    Fingerprint’s Educational Apps For Kids Are Hot: 2M+ Minutes Played This Month

    San Francisco-based Fingerprint Digital, a startup building educational apps for kids, is blowing up. The company released its first apps into iTunes on December 1st, and already, it has seen over 270,000 game playing sessions for a combined total of over 2 million minutes played. And, according to CEO Nancy MacIntyre, its apps are about to reach download numbers in the six figures. In just… Read More

  • Woozworld Launches WoozIn, A Facebook For Kids

    Woozworld Launches WoozIn, A Facebook For Kids

    Sometimes, reporting startup news can make a person feel old. Case in point: Woozworld, the virtual world maker for tweens, is launching a social networking service called WoozIn, which I’m saying with a straight face. I swear. WoozIn. It’s essentially a Facebook-lite/virtual world mashup that allows prepubescent youth to share, comment and like their friends’ updates… Read More

  • TechCrunch Gift Guide 2011: Best Toys

    TechCrunch Gift Guide 2011: Best Toys

    If you’re an Aunt, Uncle, Grandfather, Grandmother, Godmother, Godfather, Foster Parent, or just plain old mommy or daddy, you might have some kids on your holiday shopping list. These are some interesting toys that I’ve come across this year and all have a certain high-tech edge that adults and kids alike can enjoy. Read More

  • A Child’s-Eye View Of Microsoft’s Kinect For Kids

    A Child’s-Eye View Of Microsoft’s Kinect For Kids

    I took my six-year-old son Kasper to Microsoft’s Kinect For Kids event yesterday in hopes of better understanding Microsoft’s efforts at grabbing the younger demographic. While he’s already an avid weekend gamer, I wondered if Microsoft’s latest immersive play solutions would stir him in anyway. I discovered two things: that the Kinect for Kids initiative, as evidenced… Read More

  • If You Loved Your Child, You'd Buy Them This $300 High Chair. But You Don't.

    If you truly loved your child… nay, merely even considered them worth holding on to… I’d recommend this $300 Baby Bjorn high chair designed from the ground up to revolutionize the market for food into infant-mouth insertion activities. However, this thing is $300, which most parents would find too pricey. But isn’t baby worth that much? What has baby ever done to you… Read More

  • Nursery Rhymes Storytime Reminds You Of The Blasted, Lunar Hellscape That Is Your Life

    As a modern man whose dreams and ambitions have been charred to a cinder by the vagaries of time and circumstance and whose life has been reduced to hours of overtime interspersed with a few moments of stolen sleep and, if my ulcerous stomach can handle it, the sweet oblivion of drink, I find myself drawn to this iPad app, called Nursery Rhymes Storytime. It allows your neglected child to read… Read More

  • Little Magic Stories: Interactive Art With The Kinect

    Little Magic Stories from Chris O'Shea on Vimeo. Chris O’Shea makes great stuff using a hacked Kinect. This latest experiment is a performance system called Little Magic Stories. It uses a Kinect sensor and a glass screen to create a “Pepper’s Ghost” illusion. Kids can create and animate their own little characters and then interact with them, catching eggs… Read More

  • Shock Study: Kids Now Feel More Comfortable Online Than Offline

    This is just what Alone Together predicted: people, particularly young people, feeling more comfortable with themselves online than they are offline. Black is white, up is down, and the Mets are a well-run organization. The study comes to us by way of Kidscape, a children’s charity. Read More

  • Fable, A Vaguely-Described Tablet For Kids

    Isabella Products, the folks that brought you the Vizit interactive picture frame are planning to bring your children a 7″ tablet called the “Fable”. Aside from built-in mobile broadband and a camera, no real technical details are available. The product will incorporate the “carousel” interface used by the Vizit picture frame. Apps include an e-reader with… Read More

  • Just What Kids Need: Scholastic Pocket Texting Devices

    A company called Scholastic, presumably not the book company, has released these odd texting devices that work wirelessly within 600 feet of each other. You can create a network of 24 of them and messages are truncated at 40 characters. Read More

  • The Goodbyn Lunch Box: You Know, For Kids

    If you’re familiar with lunchbox technology, things haven’t changed much since Fred Flintstone put his brontosaurus sandwich into that stone lunchbox he used to carry to the quarry. I’ve given my son probably three or four lunchboxes so far and he’s broken every single one including the crazy metal Flash Gordon one and a great Family Guy Star Wars one. It’s… Read More

  • Study: Mixing school-age kids and computers makes for bad stuff

    I’ve always believed that computers, in a general sense, are not a panacea for developing nations. By slapping a laptop down on the desk of every student in Africa or Brazil you’re doing little more than forcing that kid to learn to type and then offering him or her the opportunity to look at porn. Without proper supervision and education, the Internet and, to some extent… Read More

  • Baby Bidou mp3 player. You know, for kids

    I always say that you’re never too young to start with your first gadget. This is an example of that theory, taken maybe a little more serious then I would normally consider reasonable. How old do you need to be to have your first MP3 player? Read More

  • Wi-Fi school bus keeps kids quiet

    A school district in Arizona has outfitted one of its school buses with a $200 mobile 3G Wi-Fi router and $60-per-month access. And guess what? Instead of punching each other and yelling all the way to school, the kids quietly tap, tap, tap away on their laptops. Read More