• KIDO’Z Arrives On Mobile, Making Android Devices Safe For Kids

    KIDO’Z Arrives On Mobile, Making Android Devices Safe For Kids

    Tel Aviv-based KIDO’Z, which got its start back in 2009 as a kid-friendly media browser for desktop computers is finally making the jump to mobile. The company is today officially announcing an Android version of its software that enables parents to lock down their smartphones and tablets, only allowing kids access to approved mobile applications and websites. The app also provides… Read More

  • KIDO'Z Upgrades Its Web Environment For Kids

    KIDO’Z, the Israeli company behind the eponymous media browser for kids, has released a new version of its program and insists that we now refer to it as a Web OS for kids instead. It’s certainly not an invalid point, since the new KIDO’Z incorporates communication features besides content consumption elements only, and the company is making strides in signing up computer… Read More

  • KidZui's Newest Browser For Kids Is All About Sharing

    Have young children? You might want to check this out, particularly if they’re taking their first steps on the Web right about now. KidZui, the web browser that’s built for kids, is today launching KidZui 5.0, featuring more functionality for parents and children to discover and share the Internet together. Read More

  • TWS2009 Showcases Ten of Israel's Most Promising Startups

    This morning is the kickoff of TWS2009, an event organized by Israeli financial newspaper Globes, and leading Israeli startup blog, with its founder Yaron Orenstein. TechCrunch, in its continued support of Israeli startups, is proud to be a media partner. The event is aimed at showcasing ten promising Israeli startups and to serve as a networking platform for the individuals and… Read More

  • No Child's Play: KIDO'Z Creates A Kid-Friendly Media Browser

    Making a browser may not exactly be child’s play, but there is still a need for one children can play with. Tel Aviv, Israel-based KIDO’Z is taking a crack at it by launching its custom media browser for kids today, so if you have any young children who use the internet on a regular basis, you might want to give this one a whirl. KIDO’Z is a pretty nifty Adobe AIR-powered… Read More