Exclusive: KIT digital Acquires KickApps, Kewego AND Kyte For $77.2 Million

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KickApps Launches Facebook App Development Suite

<img src="" class="shot2">White label social networking startup <a href="">KickApps</a> has launched a new

KickApps And Adobe Partner To Create Customizable Flash-Based Media Player

<img src=""> White label social networking startup <a href="">KickApps</a> is partnering with Adobe to release an Open S

Another AOL Veteran Jumps Ship, Lands At KickApps

<img src="" width="200" height="200" />Social software startup <a href="">KickApps</a> this morning announced tha

Kickapps Embraces Facebook Connect And OpenID

<img src="" width="123" height="59" /> Even white label social networks like Kickapps realize there is no use competing w

KickApps Actually Raises $14 Million In Series C Round

<img src="" /> Yesterday, word leaked out that white-label social networking startup <a href=""

KickApps Launches Drag-and-Drop Advertising Service

<img src="" alt="KickApps" class="shot" /> <a href="">KickApps</a>, a company that provides on-deman

Reality Digital Raises $6.3 Million Series B

Everybody wants to get in on social networking and user-generated video. Reality Digital, a white-label YouTube that lets media sites add video-uploading and social-networking features, raised $6.3 mi

AOL On A Bender – KickApps May Be Next Acquisition

AOL, a company that is supposedly on the block themselves, seems to be on somewhat of an acquisition bender lately. In addition to a number of smaller purchases like Yedda and Goowy, and not a day aft

Flux Takes Off

The Viacom-backed Flux social network, which launched just last September, is really taking off. Flux is a partially distributed social network. Like Ning (and more recently KickApps), it’s a pl

KickApps Wades into Ning Territory with Version 3.0

KickApps is implementing a lot of new features and capabilities with its newest release, version 3.0, which debuts today. For a complete list of the improvements, you can check out the company’s

KickApps Publishes API Kit, Adopts Facebook and OpenSocial Platform Standards

KickApps, provider of “white label” social networking functionality for existing websites, has been making strides to open up its hosted platform to both web and application developers. We

KickApps Gets iPhone-Friendly with Video, Formatting

KickApps, provider of a platform for building white label social networks, will announce today that it has taken two initiatives to make the social networks hosted on its platform more accessible to i

Nine Ways to Build Your Own Social Network

The news may overflow with stories about the social networking giants, such as Facebook and MySpace, but a horde of companies are doing their best to reduce the fundamental features of these websites

KickApps: White Label Social Networking That Delivers

KickApps has continued to grow in the face of strong competition from high profile startups such as Ning. TechCrunch first covered KickApps in July 2006. I had the opportunity to speak with CEO Alex B

KickApps social networking software launches

KickApps, a white label social networking software service, launched publicly today. Think of it as a way for any web site to add functionality similar to MySpace or YouTube. After looking at the way