Google discloses security bug in its Bluetooth Titan Security Keys, offers free replacement

Google today disclosed a security bug in its Bluetooth Titan Security Key that could allow an attacker in close physical proximity to circumvent the security the key is supposed to provide. The compan

When Will Your Phone Replace Your Keys And Wallet?

When I leave my home, I check that I have three things: keys, wallet, phone. How long will it be until the first two are obsolete? My wallet has only three things I actually need: credit cards, cash,

Keychain-friendly screwdriver set actually looks somewhat useful

<img src="">Putting a screwdriver on a keychain isn’t an entirely new concept, but these “heat treated blackened

Hacking your Nike+iPod to open your door

<img src="">This <a HREF="">Sparkfun project</a> by Nate creates a

Always losing your keys, remote, wallet, glasses, etc.?

The Find One, Find All key finder is straight cheese like a bad infomercial, which it actually is now that I’ve perused the site long enough. But I haven’t been able to find my keys for da

Pinky-impaling Caps Lock key aims to curb shouting

You should all know by now the simple rules of internet etiquette – or “netiquette” as it’s so ROFL-ingly referred to in some circles. One of the first-learned and easiest-to-remember rules is

iPhone SDK app key leaked?

18 84 58 A6 D1 50 34 DF E3 86 F2 3B 61 D4 37 74 What does it all mean? In a Lost-esque move hackers have released the iPhone SDK key which means, potentially, you can “sign” your homebrew

Who Needs Keys? SmartScan Biometric Scanning Opens Doors to Our Future

Keys are so 20th century. Who has the time to reach into their pocket, choose the correct key, put it in the keyhole, turn the key and push the door open? I sure as hell don’t. That’s why,

CyberLock: Uncomprimising Security

The lock is the primary safeguard to the conduit of your home. So you better be sure it’s secure enough to deflect would-be intruders from your valuables, whatever it/they may be. CyberLock prom

True Utility LockLite: A Flashlight on Your Keys (Literally)

Many people carry those little LED flashlights on their keychains. But, they can add extra bulk to your pockets creating an unsightly bulge. Enter the True Utility LockLite. The LockLight “syste

Key Finder Thing

versions and shows you which keys it found on your disk. Might be a good way to backup your info, as necessary, and keep things on the legal.You could also potentially go into Best Buy, pop out your U