OnePlus 81 Pro mechanical keyboard review

A mechanical keyboard is an odd addition to the OnePlus product line by virtually any measure. OnePlus is a phone maker first and foremost. Always has been and likely always will be. Since 2014, the c

Keychron gets it right with its Q10 Alice-style keyboard

Are you thinking about getting a mechanical keyboard and asked a friend which one to get? Chances are, they said: get a Keychron. It’s basically a meme at this point. After making its name with

Keychron’s first Alice-style mechanical keyboard was worth the wait

About a year ago, Keychron launched its Q-series of custom mechanical keyboards that now spans the gamut from small 60% boards to full-size options, with everything in between. Whatever your preferenc

Keychron’s Q3 gives mechanical keyboard fans everything but the numpad

In its early pre-pandemic days, Keychron made a name for itself with its series of affordable mechanical keyboards — including a few low-profile ones that remain a rarity to this day. Those boar