CPG manufacturing platform Keychain raises $18 million

Keychain seeks to use artificial intelligence to help brands find their perfect manufacturing partners.

Apple’s password manager is compatible with third-party browsers in latest macOS beta

Yesterday, Apple released the first public beta of macOS Sonoma — the next major update for macOS that will be available to everyone this fall. Following this update, Mac users will be able to use A

What is Apple Passkey, and how will it help you go passwordless?

As Apple is rolling out its iOS 16 update today, one of the key security-facing features that will be available to users is Passkey. This feature will allow users to use their Apple devices to log in

Apple ‘passkeys’ could finally kill off the password for good

Apple demonstrated “passkeys” at WWDC 2022, a new biometric sign-in standard that could finally kill off the password for good. It’s no secret that passwords are insecure, with easily guessable

7 new security features Apple quietly announced at WWDC

Apple went big on security and privacy during its Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) keynote this week, showcasing features from on-device Siri audio processing to a new privacy dashboard for iOS 1

DigiDudes: crowd-sourced keychain / tripod thingies

<img src="" alt="digidudes" title="digidudes" />Fresh on the success of their SplitStick <a href="

Free keychain anyone?

Found in the free section of Flint, MI’s Craigslist page: i bought my lieing, cheating ex girlfriend this key chain it flashes the name and is solar power and will last 5 yrs it has atlanta ga o

Cheesy last minute Valentine's Day gift

<img src="" alt="" />OK, fellas, you know what tomorrow is and if you’re like me then you probably haven’t even thought about

Cockroach + cockroach house = disgusting keychain holder

<img src="" /> You know when a country, in this case Japan, is over-saturated with gadgets when it produces things like this: a keychai

Want: Repulsive electrostatic keychains

I totally know what I’m going to look for when I go to Korea later this month. Apparently these tiny keychains will keep you from getting zapped by static electricity. When said static electrici

Mugen Peri Peri: Experience the feeling of opening shipping envelopes over and over again

When do you know that a given country, in this case Japan, is totally saturated with gadgets? When one of its companies, in this case Bandai, releases a combination of a cell phone strap and a mini to

Review: Keychain Breathalyzer + Flashlight

  Behold the Breathalyzer Keychain Car Gadget with built-in flashlight and stopwatch. It costs a meager $4.43 — far less than other breathalyzer gadgets — and it seems

The reason you live: Super Mario sound FX keychain

Look, let’s cut the bullshit and get straight to the point, shall we? This is a keychain that plays Super Mario Bros. sound FX and has a bright red paint job with an old school Mario logo. It is

Fun Alert: Pocket Watch Keychain Concept

The Pocket Watch keychain is two hip and groovy gadgets in one. It’s part keychain and part pocket watch, united together in some Volton-like cacophony of fun. The cube, which measures just 20mm

Daily Crunch: Tagger Edition

Bush Presidency Countdown Keychain: How Many Days, Minutes, Seconds Left in Office AKG K 701 Hands On: Sickest Headphones Ever Transformers: Robots in Your Shoes Your Mom Wants a Pink Zune 1GB Bottle

Fender Keychain Tuner

Here’s a great stocking stuffer for anyone in the family that plays a guitar. The Strobe-e Keychain Tuner is a guitar tuner, flashlight and to top it off with a musicians feel, a bottle opener. To u

Plug and Play Atari Keychains

In lighter news, ThinkGeek is selling these teeny-tiny Atari controller key chains. The best part? Each keychain contains a completely playable version s of Atari classics. To play, you connect a six-