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ThingThing iOS keyboard app adds meeting invites to woo Sunrise users

Productivity focused third party iOS keyboard app ThingThing is hoping to woo fans of the Sunrise calendar by adding a meeting invite feature -- following the latter's kiss-of-death acquisition by Mic

ReBoard Is An iOS Keyboard With Third-Party App Shortcuts

ReBoard is a just launched iOS keyboard app from an indie dev team in India that's targeting productivity-focused folk, by adding the ability to reach out to other apps right from the keyboard. So ins

Qwerky Keyboard Speeds Up Typing Emoji On iOS

Qwerky, another keyboard contender, has launched on iOS hoping to convince teens to shell out a few bucks for an app that gives them quick fire access to the characters that matter most in their texti

Kanvas Debuts An iOS Keyboard That Lets You Send Decorated Photos, Stickers And GIFs…Or Even Just Text

Kanvas, a photo-editing app that lets users add text, stickers, drawings and music to images as well as stitch together photos, GIFs and videos, is now bringing its set of creative tools to a new a

Phraseboard Keyboard For iOS 8 Lets You Tap Once To Type Pet Phrases

If you frequently find yourself typing out the same pet phrases on your phone when texting or composing emails then point your fingers at this new keyboard app for iOS 8.

Fleksy Builds A Texting App For The Samsung Gear 2 Smartwatch

Virtual keyboard startup Fleksy is pumped about iOS 8 and working on a beta of its software now that Apple has relaxed the platform restrictions on third-party keyboards. But that hasn't stopped it fr

Fleksy’s Android Keyboard Gets First Stable Release, Adds Multiple Languages To Beta

San Francisco-based Fleksy offers predictive text typing that's so intuitive it can be used without even a glance at a screen, and now the app is finally exiting beta on Android. Fleksy works by analy