Kevin Systrom

WhatsApp’s chief business officer is leaving

Neeraj Arora was widely believed to be the frontrunner to replace former CEO Jan Koum, who left the company shortly after co-founder Brian Acton earlier this year.

Josh Kushner’s Thrive Capital brings in $1B

Thrive Capital has announced the close of its largest fund to date.

Meet Adam Mosseri, the new head of Instagram

Former Facebook VP of News Feed and recently appointed Instagram VP of Product Adam Mosseri has been named the new head of Instagram following the resignation of Instagram’s founders Kevin Systr

Facebook poisons the acquisition well

Who should you sell your startup to? Facebook and the founders of its former acquisitions are making a strong case against getting bought by Mark Zuckerberg and Co. After a half-decade of being seen

Facebook’s plan to let companies it buys live independently is over

Mark Zuckerberg was quick to realize that Facebook, the largest social network in the world, doesn’t have a monopoly on all users nor can it bank on holding its position as top dog forever. Thus

Why Instagram’s founders are resigning: independence from Facebook weakened

Facebook promised Instagram autonomy, but reduced it over time leading to today’s bombshell revelation. Eight years after launching Instagram and six years after selling it to Facebook, Instagra

For IGTV, Instagram needs slow to mean steady

Instagram has never truly failed at anything, but judging by modest initial view counts, IGTV could get stuck with a reputation as an abandoned theater if the company isn’t careful. It’s n

Instagram’s CEO on vindication after 2 years of reinventing Stories

“I think the mistake everyone made was to think that Stories was a photography product,” says Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom. “If you look at all these interactivity features we’v

First look at Instagram’s self-policing Time Well Spent tool

Are you Overgramming? Instagram is stepping up to help you manage overuse rather than leaving it to iOS and Android’s new screen time dashboards. After TechCrunch first reported Instagram was pr

Instagram says ‘you’re all caught up’ in first time-well-spent feature

Without a chronological feed, it can be tough to tell if you’ve seen all the posts Instagram will show you. That can lead to more of the compulsive, passive, zombie browsing that research sugges

Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom has backed the U.K. challenger bank Monzo

<a target="_blank" href="">Monzo</a>, one of a number of “challenger” banks in the U.K. aiming to re-invent the current account, is assembling quite an array of backers, many wit

Instagram CEO on Stories: Snapchat deserves all the credit

The one thing you never hear in Silicon Valley is an entrepreneur admit they copied someone else. Yet there in the headquarters of Facebook, the world's most prolific product cloner, Instagram CEO Kev

Instagram launches “Stories,” a Snapchatty feature for imperfect sharing

People only post the highlights of their life on Instagram, so today the app adds its own version of “Stories” to poach goofy, off-the-cuff, everyday content from Snapchat. It works exactl

The death of Instagram for brands

Steve Feiner Contributor Steve Feiner is the founder and chief executive of A Better Florist, an online flower delivery service in Southeast Asia. Earlier this week Instagram updated its news feed al

Where Do The Best Founders Come From?

You tell us! Who would you work for around the clock to help build his or her vision? We are searching far and wide for the best founder of 2015, and we want to know who you think should get the co

Over 5% Of Instagram Ad Views Have Led To Likes, Signaling Big Potential

Instagram ads are off to a strong start. CEO Kevin Systrom said about the early ads that "Over 5% of the impression led to Likes on these ads that we've run. That's pretty tremendous considering most

Kevin Systrom Sees Instagram Turning Into A Fashion Commerce Platform

<a target="_blank" href="">Instagram</a> is not yet launching ads on its photo and video-sharing network. But it has plans to in the next year, and this evening Kevin Systrom,

Instagram Co-founder Kevin Systrom Says It Is Committed To “Answering Questions And Fixing Mistakes”

In a very carefully worded blog post penned by Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom, he laid out what Facebook and Instagram will do to answer any and all questions that users might have over the recent

Kevin Systrom: Instagram Will Exist Independent Of Facebook For A Long Time To Come

Today Twitter and mobile photo-sharing app Instagram <a href="">took on

Instagram’s Kevin Systrom On International Expansion, Instagram Video, Funding Rumors And More

With over <a href="">100K weekly downloads coming in</a> just from China, <a target="_bla
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