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Kevin Rose launches free rapid meditation app Oak

If it's tough to find even five minutes of quiet in your busy day, Oak could be the meditation app for you. Launched today by Digg founder and True Ventures partner Kevin Rose, the free Oak app offers

Kevin Rose is going back to Cali — and joining True Ventures as a venture partner

Entrepreneur-investor Kevin Rose is relinquishing his role as CEO of Hodinkee, a New York-based site for wristwatch enthusiasts, and moving back to California. According to a newly published Medium po

Product Hunt Moves Beyond Tech With The Launch Of Snoop Dogg’s New “Bush”Album

Product Hunt, the product aggregation site known for putting new tech products to a vote went off its regular tech product vertical today with the launch of Snoop’s new “Bush” album

Instagram Cuts Off Hot GIF App Phhhoto From Its Social Graph

“Removed instagram friend-finding cause they blocked us! #nochill” This note in hip GIF app Phhhoto‘s latest release notes was how it announced its users can no longer easily follow

The Gold Apple Watch Is Perfect For Douchebags

Apple’s focus should be on selling as many watches as possible, not becoming a fashion brand.

Kevin Rose Plots A Luxury Ecommerce Empire Starting With New App Watchville

“I did not like watches my entire life,” Digg co-founder Kevin Rose tells me. That’s an odd admission for a man who just launched Watchville, an app that aggregates news from top wri

A Tale Of Two Apps

Sometimes multiple apps adopt similar ideas and designs as part of some peculiar cultural zeitgeist. But things get murkier when ideas become shared and adopted by long-time friends riffing on similar

Kevin Rose Launches Tiiny To Take The Anxiety And Megapixels Out Of Photo Sharing

“If you made photos tiny and kept them tiny so they can’t be enlarged, would it reduce the anxiety around taking a photo and get people to take more photos?” Kevin Rose asks me. He&#

Kevin Rose’s New App Tiiny Lets You Share Little Photos That Disappear In 24 Hours

Digg, Milk, and Revision3 founder Kevin Rose recently left Google Ventures to start a new mobile development house called North, and now we have some details on the firm’s first app, Tiiny, whic

Kevin Rose Steps Into Part-Time Role At Google Ventures To Build A New Startup Called North

Serial entrepreneur, investor, and overall Internet good guy Kevin Rose is stepping down from his role of general partner at Google Ventures. The Digg and Revision3 founder will be moving into a part-

Anti-Tech Protesters Are Telling Kevin Rose’s Neighbors That He’s A “Parasite”

Google Ventures partner Kevin Rose says that his San Francisco home was visited by protesters today, who held up a banner calling him a "parasite" and distributed leaflets with the same message. W

How This Kid Tossed One Raccoon In 43 Seconds

Some days you're on call for weekend news duty and it's pretty boring and you get tired of just sitting around waiting for something to happen and you're just sort of hanging out and watching Twitter

Foundation Video: Melody McCloskey Of StyleSeat On Getting Investors Involved In A Beauty Startup

In the most recent episode of my <a target="_blank" href="">Foundation</a> video series, I sat down with the founder of <a target="_blank" href="">StyleSea

Foundation Video: Ben Horowitz Of Andreessen Horowitz On What He Looks For In A Pitch

The latest episode of my Foundation video series comes to you filmed live from the Google Ventures Founder & CEO Summit last week. I had the opportunity to sit down with Ben Horowitz, co-founder o

Foundation Video: Tom Conrad, CTO Of Pandora On Reinventing Radio

In this edition of my <a target="_blank" href="">Foundation video series</a>, <a target="_blank" href="">Pandora</a> CTO <a target="_blank" href="http://www

Foundation Video: Matt Rogers, Co-Founder Of Nest, Demos New Learning Thermostat

<i>Editor's note: TechCrunch TV is very pleased to welcome a new show to our lineup, <a target="_blank" href="">Kevin Rose's</a> Foundation series. Kevin,

The One That Got Away: Kevin Rose Passed On Pinterest At A $5M Valuation

We had the chance to catch up with entrepreneur and investor <a target="_blank" href="">Kevin Rose</a> during TechCrunch Disrupt, asking him about a multitud

Kevin Rose Responds To Reddit AMA: Biggest Digg Regrets, Thoughts On New Digg, More [Video]

Last night, I <a href="">wrote</a> about Kevin Rose not responding to questions on his <a target="_blank

Ask Me Anything, Answer Nothing: Kevin Rose’s AMA On Reddit

Kevin Rose began an <a target="_blank" href="">AMA on Reddit</a> on Tuesday evening and so far has answered zero questio

Forget LeBron and Durant: Bringing In Zuckerberg, Dorsey and Co. For The Olympic Tech Dream Team

In one week, the Olympics kick off. When you think about it, they aren’t so different from our startup world. How many pitches have you heard that include the phrase “dream team?” If you had
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