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Wordle founder Josh Wardle on going viral and what comes next

The internet loves an unlikely success story, and as we approached the new year, one came around the corner to delight us with a simple idea, and a short game to play it out: Wordle, where you guess a

Kevin O’Connor To Entrepreneurs: Don’t Be Afraid To ‘Throw A Turd In The Punch Bowl’

On stage today at TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco, <a href="">Kevin O'Connor</a>, the former Co-founder of <a href="

(Founder Stories) Kevin O’Connor: Having An “Exit Strategy Is Total Bullshit”

<a href="">Chris Dixon</a> wraps up his interview with <a href=""> FindTheBest </a>(and DoubleClick) co-founder, <a href="htt

(Founder Stories) O’Connor On What Makes A Good Entrepreneur: “Have You Told Your Boss To Shove It?”

<a href="">Chris Dixon</a> begins this episode of <a href="">Founder Stories</a> with <a href="http://www.c