Kevin Martin

  • Outgoing FCC Chairman Wants to Rid The Wireless Web Of Porn. Good Luck With That.

    In the waning days of his leadership at the FCC, chairman Kevin J. Martin is trying to push through some striking initiatives in his last chance to leave his mark on the agency. On Election Day, for instance, the FCC approved unlicensed use for white-space TV spectrum (aka, WiFi 2.0) that is being freed up. Now Martin wants to rid the wireless Web of porn. One of the issues he plans to tackle… Read More

  • FCC Chairman hints at federal regulation of cellphone industry

    Stopping short of coming out and saying the FCC would start regulating cellphone company early termination fees, FCC Chairman Kevin Martin did publicize ideas for how such regulations would work. I’ve met Kevin Martin and he’s a very intelligent man, though I normally disagree with his ideas. This one, though, I love. Right now carriers are free to come up with any fees they… Read More