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SoundCloud buys artist distribution platform Repost Network

The past year has seen Spotify embark on a series of acquisitions to beef up its service, particularly on podcast content. Now it is the turn of SoundCloud, another European music startup — albe

SoundCloud co-founder and chief product officer, Eric Wahlforss, is leaving

SoundCloud’s Eric Wahlforss is stepping away from the music and podcast streaming platform he co-founded after more than a decade at the company, most recently in the chief product officer role

SoundCloud finally lets more musicians monetize four years later

SoundCloud moves painfully slow for a tech company, and no one feels that pain more than musicians who are popular on the site but don’t get paid. 10 years since SoundCloud first launched, and f

Vimeo CEO Kerry Trainor Talks Echograph Acquisition, Monetization, And The Future Of Mobile Video Creation

For <a href="">Vimeo</a>, the David to YouTube's Goliath, the focus moving forward will be on creating and delivering mobile video, according to CEO Kerry Trainor.