• Chemists create an app that can tell if your beer is skunked Crunch Network

    Chemists create an app that can tell if your beer is skunked

    Bummer, dude! That’s what you say when you find out your whole keg of Heiney is totally skunked but it doesn’t matter because you’ll totally still drink it after you finish the pony keg of Sammo’s Irish Red. But what if I told you that folks in Spain have figured out a way to use an app to tell if your beer is a mess? Whoa, right? Whoa, indeed. Chemists at the… Read More

  • Review: The Cask Widge

    Review: The Cask Widge

    Happy International Beer Day! I just finished celebrating by brewing ten gallons of smoked stout, and I’m looking forward to a draught of blonde ale from my kegerator later today. I’ve been homebrewing for about two years, and it’s a fun, practical hobby. Variety is the name of the game, both in terms of beer styles to produce but also in terms of the methods used to… Read More

  • The KegStool: a bar stool made from a keg!

    Ladies and gentlemen, I present you with the Keg Stool! Can you think of any better way to enjoy your favorite beverage than to sit upon its very delivery vessel? Only a hundred bucks if you supply your own keg; twice that if you’re fresh out of kegs. No discerning homebrewer should be without one of these marvelous inventions. Read More