GV-backed KeepTruckin nabs $149M at $1.25B valuation

KeepTruckin, a developer of hardware and software that helps truck drivers manage their vehicles and cargo, is the latest entrant to the unicorn club.

The two forces reshaping the landscape of shipping and logistics

The shipping and logistics space is being rapidly transformed by technology -- so it's no surprise that this is a space ripe for significant disruption.

KeepTruckin Raises $8M Led By Index Ventures To Bring Logging Miles For Truckers Into The 21st Century

For years, truckers have had to keep unwieldy paper log books in order to track their hours, which complicates fleet management for trucking companies because they have to sort through faxes and mail

KeepTruckin Makes Trucking Fleet Management Easy And Compliant

No, this might not be the sexy new disappearing messages app. However, it’s a startup that takes software and applies it to an unsexy but potentially lucrative market. KeepTruckin is an eight-pe