• Keepsy Launches A Mobile App For Photo-Sharing & Photobooks

    Keepsy Launches A Mobile App For Photo-Sharing & Photobooks

    Last week the former Yobongo team (now at Mixbook) announced their plan to launch an iPhone app for building photobooks, but today a company called Keepsy has beaten them to the punch with an app of their own. Like Mixboook’s forthcoming Mosaic app, the Keepsy app aims to deliver a quick utility which will allow its users to build photobooks in just minutes. But it’s also offering… Read More

  • Keepsy Showcases Gallery Of Instagram’s Top Photographers

    Part of what makes Instagram so compelling is that it allows any amateur photographer to capture visually beautiful photos on the go. Keepsy, a startup that creates photo albums from Instagram and Facebook photos, is launching the a curated gallery of top Instagram photographers. Read More

  • Keepsy Taps Instagram For Fast, Easy, Awesome Photo Books

    People love photo albums, but they hate making them. That’s what Blake Williams has come to realize in the months following Keepsy’s launch. You may recall back in December of last year, the startup launched as a way to create tangible photo albums with all of your friends using Facebook. It’s a good idea. But again, there’s a barrier to entry. So now Keepsy has a… Read More

  • Keepsy: A Photo Album Made By A Friend Is Cool. One Made By All Your Friends Is Cooler

    Giving how the web has transformed photo sharing, it’s a little odd that it hasn’t done much to the tangible photo space. Sure, just about all of the major sites allow you to order prints, and many allow you to create fairly simple photobooks, but those are essentially the same products they’ve always been — they’re just slightly easier to make. Keepsy wants to… Read More