8-megapixel LG KC780 made official

As they so sneakily mentioned they would do in last week’s Renoir announcement, LG has announced the 8 megapixel KC780 slider phone. When the promo shots of the KC780 were leaked back in Septemb

LG KC780 is a really thin 8-megapixel cameraphone

Better photo forthcoming Wannabe photographers looking for a cellphone whose camera doesn’t stink on ice may want to check out LG’s latest offering, the 13.9mm thick KC780. No fancy touchs

LG KC780 promo shots make their way out

Believe it or not, that LG KC780 we saw last week isn’t just a really blurry looking handset. GSM Arena managed to scrounge up the above promo shot, offering a much sharper look at the KC780 in

LG Xenon QWERTY Slider and 8 megapixel LG KC780 details leaked

You just know a company isn’t having a good day when they’ve got two unrelated product leaks on the same day. On left is the LG Xenon, a QWERTY slider that looks to be borrowing some facia