• Blah Girls Jumps From The Web To TV, As Kutcher Does The Opposite

    Ashton Kutcher got his start on the small screen. His roles in That 70s Show and development of the MTV show Punk’d (which is being kind of reborn with Ustream) allowed him to become a movie star. But these days he seems more interested in using the web to further his career. His recent race with CNN to be the first user with a million Twitter followers was just one facet of what… Read More

  • Katalyst Media Taking Punk’d Live With Ustream

    “Punked” is one of those words that started out as a slang term, but was taken to a whole new level by a pop culture moment — in this case, the MTV show Punk’d. But as quickly as it heated up in 2003, it quickly burned out, lasting just 4 years. But the company behind it, Ashton Kutcher’s Katalyst Media, may have found a way to revive the formula — take it… Read More

  • Ashton Kutcher's 24HoursAtSundance "Conflicted And Dangerous"

    Actor Ashton Kutcher and Internet celebrity and Digg founder Kevin Rose held a 24 hour event last weekend at the Sundance Film Festival called 24HoursAtSundance. Some observers are saying the event, which was sponsored by Qik, HP, Nokia and Nikon, was full of cheating, conflicts of interest and tasks that put participants in undue danger. Which frankly makes the event sound like a whole lot… Read More

  • MySpace To Distribute Ashton Kutcher's Blah Girls

    When Ashton Kutcher launched his animated show Blah Girls at TechCrunch50 earlier this year, he ran into MySpace CEO Chris DeWolfe in the hallways. DeWolfe expressed interest in the show. Fast forward two months, and Blah Girls now has a distribution deal with MySpaceTV, which had 51 million unique video streams in August (Comscore). The show features the adventures of three gossip queen… Read More

  • TechCrunch50 Session 1: Youth and Culture

    Jason Calacanis and Michael Arrington opened TechCrunch50 today saying they wanted to create the “Sundance Film Festival” for the internet industry where companies are judged on merit. Here are our notes on the companies who presented in the first session of the conference, which showcased four startups that pertain to Youth and Culture. Highlights from the expert panel (Chad… Read More

  • Ashton Kutcher Is Pretty Excited To Launch Blah Girls At TechCrunch50

    TechCrunch50 is just a week and a half away. The list of presenting companies is kept strictly confidential until the day of the event to ensure maximum audience attention. But we’re making one exception this year. Ashton Kutcher and Jason Goldberg’s Katalyst Media will be launching Blah Girls, one of his new interactive online video products, at TechCrunch50. Ashton recorded an… Read More