• There's a Kaossilator in my guitar! No, there's a guitar in my Kaossilator!

    By routing the four buttons on a Kaossilator to the buttons on a Guitar Hero guitar, James Haskin has created one of the coolest little electronic instruments I’ve seen in a while. The resulting mash-up makes it much easier to play the Kaossilator as an instrument rather than a standalone box on your desk. Read More

  • Review: Korg Kaossilator

    I’ve always been a fan of techno but I’ve always only played folk guitar. What’s a fella to do? You go get the Korg Kaossilator, that’s what. This amazing little box, $199 on ThinkGeek, is a tiny sequencer/synth that is considerably smaller than the average guitar tuner. It has 100 audio presets which are basically generated sounds synthesized using an X/Y touchpad. Read More