kane & lynch

  • GameSpot defends itself, says advertiser pressure didn't cause editor's firing

    Tell me if you believe this yarn, said by CNET Networks Entertainment vice president of programming Greg Brannan: Neither CNET Networks nor GameSpot has ever allowed its advertising business to affect its editorial content. The accusations in the media that it has done so are unsubstantiated and untrue. Jeff’s departure stemmed from internal reasons unrelated to any buyer of advertising… Read More

  • Fired Kane & Lynch guy fights back, says video game writing isn't corrupt

    More Kane & Lynch fallout, ladies and germs ($1 to John Biggs). As you may already know, a GameSpot editor was recently fired in the wake of his review of the game. Was he fired because the review, especially the video review, was harsh on the game (Eidos is a major advertiser on GameSpot) or for some other, unknown reason? No one knows yet, which, in accordance with the Rules of the… Read More

  • Kane & Lynch: When swag almost causes a heart attack

    Not that anyone cares, but I nearly had a heart attack yesterday. Not because I was robbed or anything like that, but because I got a package in the mail. There’s an Eidos game coming out by the name of Kane & Lynch: Dead Men. Specifically I don’t know what it’s about—two men named Kane and Lynch, dead presumably—but the packaging it came in really freaked me out. Read More