• Poshmark CEO Manish Chandra on moving from enterprise businesses to social shopping Crunch Network

    Poshmark CEO Manish Chandra on moving from enterprise businesses to social shopping

    Manish Chandra is founder and CEO of Poshmark. As a serial entrepreneur, he also founded Kaboodle in 2005, one of the industry’s first social shopping sites, that was acquired by Hearst, and prior to that, he served in executive roles at several foundational technology companies. Read More

  • Hearst's Kaboodle Gets Into Social Commerce With Flash Sales Site PopPicks

    Social shopping site Kaboodle, which was acquired by Hearst Interactive Group in 2007 for $30 million or so, is trying its hand at social commerce with new community-driven flash sales site PopPicks. PopPicks, which is members-only, partners with a retailer each week to feature a collection of products. The Kaboodle community is then invited to vote for the products they like best. After… Read More

  • Hearst's Social Shopping Site Kaboodle Gets A Realtime Makeover

    Social shopping site Kaboodle, which was acquired by Hearst Interactive Group in 2007 for $30 million or so, is re-launching its site to upgrade its product-discovery engine that allows online shoppers to discover, search for, browse, and interact with the more than six million products. Kaboodle is a free social bookmarking service and search product that allows you to discover and share… Read More

  • Wishpot Takes $1 Million Series A

    Social shopping site Wishpot has taken $1 million Series A in a round led by Monster Venture Partner that included H-Farm and Adrian Hanauer. Wishpot is a social shopping service that lets you collect and and share information about items you find online and in stores. By creating a common space in which users can browse, recommend products, get advice, and find new items they’re… Read More

  • Social Site Rankings (September, 2007)

    Did you know that Imeem is the fastest-growing social site in the U.S (up 1,590 percent in monthly uniques). And that AIM Pages is growing slightly faster than Digg (345 percent growth versus 323 percent)? Well, at least according to comScore. I asked comScore to do a ranking of social sites in the U.S. and then I reordered the list by growth rate. Here it is: Here are my takeaways. … Read More

  • TechCrunch40: Jeff Clavier Launches $12 Million Venture Fund

    Angel investor and startup advisor Jeff Clavier (pictured with Digg founder Kevin Rose) just announced a new $12 million early stage venture fund today at the TechCrunch40 conference. The new fund will be called SoftTech VC II. Clavier, who has a degree in computer science, has been actively investing in startups over the last few years and has had notable successes such as Truveo (acquired by… Read More

  • Hearst Acquires Kaboodle for $30+ million

    This is the second recent acquisition announcement for Hearst Interactive Media – UGO for around $100 million last month, and tonight they are announcing the acquisition of Kaboodle, a social shopping service that launched in late 2005. Kaboodle, founded by Manish Chandra, Keiron McCammon, Chetan Pungaliya, closed a key distribution deal with eBay a year ago. Comscore numbers show… Read More

  • eBay and Kaboodle To Launch MyCollectibles

    On Monday eBay and Kaboodle will jointly announce a new service called “MyCollectibles”, which will be tightly integrated with the core offerings of both companies. The service is live and available at both ebay.com/mycollectibles and mycollectibles.kaboodle.com. Kaboodle co-founder and CEO Manish Chandra and eBay GM of Collectibles Laurence Toney briefed me on the product earlier… Read More

  • A Taste of DEMO 2006

    DEMO 2006: 70 companies gather at a hotel in Phoenix, Arizona to compete head on for our attention. $15,000 buys you 5 minutes in front of 700 people, and a chance to make history (which is not recorded real time because the wifi is crushed under the load and no one can get online). At least there is reliable internet access in the press room, along with dozens of free USB drives laying… Read More

  • Kaboodle Launch: Bookmarking + Wiki

    Company: Kaboodle
    Launched: October 26, 2005
    Status: $1.5 m in angel funding
    Location: Santa Clara, CA Kaboodle opened its doors this afternoon for an official launch on Wednesday. I met with Manish Chandra, the CEO, earlier today for a walk through and came away very impressed. In addition to Manish, Kaboodle’s founders include Keiron McCammon and Chetan Pungaliya. Kaboodle is a free… Read More