Pentax discontinues the K200D in Japan

That was quick. Having only lasted in the market for nine months, Pentax has discontinued their K200D DSLR in Japan. Whether or not that will trickle down to the US remains to be seen (we’ve inq

CrunchDeals: Student discounts on Pentax equipment

Pentax has announced the “Student Photography Program” to help budding photographers get the right equipment at a discounted rate. All you need to do to cash in on the savings is: Purchase

Hands on with the Pentax K200D DSLR

Being a Pentax man I’ve been looking forward to the arrival of the K200D since I first saw it at CES. I was completely blown away by the new features and UI, but my time with it was limited so I

Five new lenses from Pentax

To go along with the K20D and K200D, Pentax announced five lenses that range from 18mm to 300mm. Without getting into exact specifics since I know most of you don’t care, I’l touch on a fe

Super special clear body Pentax K20D, K200D

You may or may not catch a glimpse of these at PMA. [photopress:2188184989_0175870938_b.jpg,thumb,pp_image][photopress:2188972426_f21249a9c2_b.jpg,thumb,pp_image][photopress:2188976838_a27f04dd21_b.jp

First hands on with Pentax K20D, K200D

The wait is officially over, folks. Today marks a new chapter for Pentax and the big boys better pay attention. The K10D and K100D Super are being replaced today with the K20D and K200D. There have be

Pentax K20D, K200D outed

Pretty sure this is legit. Not sure how this individual acquired these images, but they certainly look real and there are some mumblings in the forum that specs for the K20D were leaked. They don&#821

Photos of Pentax K200D surface?

PMA is about a month away so the rumor mill is slowly building steam. The K100D has been cleared from Pentax’s site and I can see why the K200D would replace it, but the Super hasn’t been