• K2 Picks Up More Than $100M To Fuel Its Growth

    K2 Picks Up More Than $100M To Fuel Its Growth

    K2, a company that helps companies build business apps, has raised more than $100 million from Francisco Partners in a Series C round of capital. The Bellevue-based firm previously raised $16 million in 2006. Francisco will pick up two board seats as part of the deal. As a firm, K2 has seen quick growth in recent years. The company told TechCrunch that its subscription revenue has grown… Read More

  • The Kindle 2 manual straight from Amazon

    It’s getting close to the Kindle’s February 24th launch date and Amazon has made the official manual available a head of time. There isn’t anything special within that wasn’t previously announced, but don’t let that stop you from pulling up the PDF and pouring over the text anyway. Hopefully it will tide you over until your K2 arrives. Read More

  • CrunchNotSoDeal: Pre-order the Kindle 2 for only $599 on ebay

    There is always someone ready to take advantage of unknowing peeps but you know what, whoever hands-over $600 for a pre-order of a $359 device probably should lose the money. Besides the obvious price difference, the auction seems legit; after all, he is an ebay power seller. Read More

  • Video: Kindle 2 as slow as the original – UPDATED

    The Amazon suits told us this morning during the press event that the new and improved Kindle is 20% faster than the first generation; that isn’t the case. Read More

  • Official: The Amazon Kindle 2

    We knew the next-gen Kindle was coming, and spied the official pics early, but it is now official complete with a 20% faster operation and text to speech. The second version is a tad slimmer and overall more compact than its predecessor with a thickness of only .36-inches. Amazon tell us that the screen is better suited for reading too with a higher-quality OLED screen that now displays 16… Read More

  • Kindle 1 orders automagically upgraded to the Kindle 2

    If you happen to know someone that placed an order for the original Kindle a few days ago and have yet to receive it, good news, you are getting the K2. Amazon says you don’t need to do anything (read: don’t clog up the phone lines) as your order will be upgraded to the new model. Plus, Amazon is offering first dibs on the new model to owners of the first generation. It’s… Read More