• JVC Booth Tour

    JVC is reviving the name Victor in Japan, which is actually quite cool. Victor, if you’ll remember, was the gramophone maker that advertised with little dog who tilted his head to the speaker cone, reacting to “His master’s voice.” It was a great proto-campaign that really sent a powerful message about audio reproduction. Enough, nostalgia, though, because the booth… Read More

  • 10 Days of CrunchGear Giveaway: The Final Countdown

    Just because 10 Days of CrunchGear is over doesn’t mean we don’t want you to win something great. Your goal is create a cake wishing CG a happy first birthday. I don’t care if it’s a Twinkie with a candle in it — it has to say “Happy Birthday, CG” on it. Heck, throw a little party and take pictures. We love seeing you all in action. You’ll… Read More

  • New 3CCD, Hi-Def JVC Everio Coming in September

    Fans of the hard drive-based JVC Everio line will be pleased to hear that a new three-chip, HD version will be available in early September. The GZ-HD3 will feature 1440×1080 HD recording, three, 16:9 progressive-scan CCDs, a 60GB hard drive, and will weigh a pound and a half. Recording is 1080i only, unfortunately, but should still be plenty good for everyday use. I have an Everio… Read More

  • JVC Announces Noise Canceling Headphones

    With a box straight outta’ 1983, you can’t go wrong It’s Super Friday! You know what that means, folks. Time for really exciting gadgets! Today we have the JVC HA-NC250 headphones with “state-of-the-art” noise canceling features. How does JVC accomplish this feat?:
    The HA-NC250’s noise cancellation circuitry includes feedback technology that… Read More

  • JVC GZ-HD3 Hard Drive High Definition Videocam

    Word is going around about a new 60GB video camera from JVC, the GZ-HD3. The teeny cam will support 1440 x 1080 resolution and include an SDHC slot. No real official announcements, and when CamcorderInfo talked to the folks at the big Vic they said they had no official announcements, so I guess we’ll have to sit on our hands and wait. JVC Shows Off New High Definition Everio GZ-HD3… Read More

  • JVC TH-L1 Plays Nice With All Your Doodads

    The JVC TH-L1 home theater speaker system contains five satellite speakers, a subwoofer and a control unit. If you have $299, you can trade it for the privilege of keeping the aforementioned items in your home until it or you die. Here’s what else you get: 360 watts
    Two 1080p-capable HDMI ports
    Two component inputs
    Two digital audio inputs
    Two composite inputs
    Two S-video ports
    Pro Logic… Read More

  • JVC Releases Four New 1080p LCD TVs

    JVC continues to expand its LCD 1080p line with four new models today. The 688 series has been revamped with 37- and 42-inch sets that now boast a sleek new black cabinet and will retail for $1,599.95 and $1,999.95, respectively. The 788 series one ups its little brother with 42- and 47-inch sets that feature the aforementioned black cabinet along with silver trim and Lohan-thin bezel. The… Read More

  • JVC Unveils World's Largest HDTV

    Football fans can rejoice knowing that there is now an even bigger screen to watch Tony Romo fumble on. Now you can experience failure on a 110-inch rear-projection screen of awesomeness thanks to JVC. This $53,000 TV set hasn’t hit the US yet and probably won’t be hitting your local Circuit City anytime soon considering it’s only in Japan at the moment. The set includes all… Read More

  • JVC Tours American Heartland Showing Off Its Hi-Def Goodies

    Yee haw, partners! JVC’s goin’ ’round the country to county fairs, balloon festivals and air shows to show off its brand new products to the general public, no fancy press pass needed. Dubbed the “Focus on Hi-Def” tour, it will make stops at some 50 events in 24 states letting people see, hear, touch, taste and smell JVC gadgets, with an emphasis on the hi-def ones. Read More

  • JVC Announces Three Second Generation HDTVs

    Earlier today JVC announced its second-generation Clear Motion Drive high-speed LCD HDTVs. Keep in mind that JVC was the first to introduce this technology with a 120Hz refresh rate last year. So, come Fall, the new sets will be kickin’ out the jams like nobody’s business. CMD II isn’t the only bump in performance you’ll notice with the second-generation sets. The HD… Read More

  • JVC Sophisti DD-3 Media System

    JVC just dove into the home media center market and its latest offering is the Sophisti DD-3. Aside from an odd name, the DD-3 system is based upon speakers and a main unit. The main unit acts as a network media player, as well as a DVD player, AM/FM radio, CD player, and can stream audio from another PC. But one of the cooler features that makes the DD-3 stand out is the dedicated USB host… Read More

  • JVC's Bathtub Floating AW33 DAP Relaxes You While You Bathe

    JVC has perhaps the strangest digital audio player right now and it’s currently floating around Japanese bathtubs. The XA-AW33 is a waterproof DAP that’s supposed to cause you to relax. When music bellows out of its mono speaker, it generates water ripples; a blue LED is also said to enhance the calming effect of the DAP. It’s got 265MB of flash and plays MP3s and WMAs. I… Read More

  • JVC Expands Home Theater in a Box Line-up

    If you missed seeing JVC at CES you probably weren’t alone. That’s because the company typically does their own thing off the show floor. So every year they invite the press out to see their offerings during the company’s annual dealer showcase. Among the products that might have been lost in the mix in Vegas were their new sleek home audio products, which now feature… Read More

  • JVC Announces Dual-Mode Noise Canceling Headphones

    If you’re going to be flying this holiday, you may want to grab a pair of the recently released JVC HA-NC80 Headphones, as they’re “suited for travel.” These over-the-ear style headphones can give you all the protection you need from your mother-in-law with up to 75 percent noise reduction with two separate modes of noise cancellation. This is where stuff gets… Read More

  • JVC Prepping New 1080i HDD Camcorder

    JVC is giving us a new HD camcorder on October 3, part of their Everio series. You’ll forgive our lack of details, but there aren’t many, and those we do have are in Japanese. We do know that this compact little shooter can capture all the action of that brawl on the sidelines of your son’s soccer game in 1080i, and can be fitted with the new FUJINON 10x optical zoom lens… Read More

  • JVC VCR Lets You Shine Shi… Uh, VHS

    Don’t throw away that VHS copy of Animal House yet, brother. You can now watch it on your High Definition TV without wanting to scream bloddy murder. Or so they say, “they” being JVC. The new JVC DR-MV7S DVD/VHS can apparently use Voodoo to up-convert your old VHS tapes to 1080i or 720p for viewing on your HDTV via HDMI. No, really. We’re not sure if this works, but if… Read More

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