• Super-slim Procision LCD HDTVs from JVC

    Last JVC post of the day, folks. Complementing the earlier Procision series LCDs we have a 42- (LT-42SL89) and 46-inch (LT-46SL89) models that measure 1.5-inches in width with a max depth of 2.9-inches. Both sets offer full HD resolution and weigh only 26.4 pounds. The super-slim Procision models are available now for $1,899.99 and $2,399.99, respectively. Read More

  • Guess what JVC announced today at CEDIA?

    Am I the only one sick of all the TVs, Blu-ray players and projectors coming out of CEDIA today? JVC launched an all-new line of thin LCD TVs today under the Procision moniker. There are three 120Hz 1080p models in 42-, 47- and 52-inch sets. Powered by JVC’s new HD engine, Clear Motion III, which has a 32-bit processor, Genessa, you should expect flawless picture quality. All three… Read More

  • 10-megapixel JVC projector does 4X HD resolution

    For the discerning HD enthusiast who has it all, here’s the 4K2K D-ILA projector from JVC. It’s got a 10-megapixel optical system that can project things at 4096×2400 resolution – four times full HD resolution – all in a pretty small package. Granted, there’s not a lot of content available in 4X HD yet, but JVC suggests using the multi-screen mode to view up… Read More

  • Good Morning JVC!

    8:30 this morning, I jammed myself into a small theater lobby with a bunch of morning breath sporting, traditional AV journalist. Not a great way to start the morning. Last night, Sony gave me crab legs, beef medallions, with an open bar, but this morning, I get a continental breakfast. Yum. Read More

  • JVC announce four new full HD projectors

    Announced just now from JVC are four 1080p projectors (DLA-HD750 and DLA-HD350) and two of them happen to be THX certified (DLA-RS10 and DLA-RS20) with 30,000:1 native contrast ratio. Said THX certified projectors have a THX movie mode that’s been pre-calibrated for DVDs, Blu-ray discs and regular broadcast television to bring the best cinema experience possible. All four feature… Read More

  • JVC launching the JVC DLA-HD350 & DLA-HD750 D-ILA projectors

    JVC just announced the companies latest D-ILA projectors slated for a European launch at IFA. These two new models will be added too, rather than, replace the current DLA-HD1 entry- and DLA-HD100 high-end models but still have the 15,000:1 contrast ratio found on the current models. Both of the new feature new motorized lens assemblies and keystone adjustments for greater control and… Read More

  • 10 Days of CrunchGear: The Final Challenge

    We present to you CrunchGear’s 10 Days of CrunchGear final challenge. Instead of randomly choosing a commentor we are now going to make you work for your prizes. Why? Because the prizes KICK ass. Update – I’ve added a chatroom so you can ask questions. First, the line-up: Read More

  • JVC ‘Gumy Air’ Headphones: Cheap, hopefully comfy

    Welcome to the exciting world of inexpensive headphones! JVC has a new contender in the “Gumy Air” line (they spelled “Gummy” wrong, ROFL!) that promises to “set a new standard for comfort in the ear bud category” thanks to its silicon rubber air-cushioned ear doodads. The headphones cost about $15 and appear to be aimed at those of you who have… Read More

  • New JVC dock holds two, count ‘em, two iPods

    Believe it or not, I bet there are plenty of people out there that own more than one iPod or a combination of an iPod and an iPhone. Maybe it’d be nice to have a dock that can charge both of them at the same time, cutting down on cords and cables and whatnot. Originally spotted back at CES, the JVC NX-PN7 is now officially available with an MSRP of $149.95 – Amazon has it for… Read More

  • JVC announces three new high-definition Everio camcorders, one of which records 50 hours of video

    Good morning and happy Monday to everyone. My name is Doug and I’m here to tell you about three new hard drive-based camcorders coming from JVC. It’ll be fun! Okay, so we’ve got the Everio GZ-HD10, the Everio GZ-HD30, and the Everio GZ-HD40. All three of them do high definition, while the HD30 and HD40 can do dual-mode recording – either MPEG-2 format or AVCHD format. Read More

  • JVC Everio GZ-MS100 uploads straight to YouTube

    The new GZ-MS100 is a 35x optical zoom camcorder with built-in software to limit and convert 10 minute videos for easy upload to YouTube. Sadly, this new Everio doesn’t have a Wi-Fi feature, which could have made things considerably easier for the n00bs. It weighs .6 pounds and records to an SD card — not included — and costs $349.99. It will be available next month. Read More

  • JVC and Kenwood to wed

    Big news out of Japan: JVC and Kenwood are merging their businesses. JVC makes many decent video products, among other things, and Kenwood is noted for its popular car audio lines. The new entity would be a holding company, perhaps called JVC Kenwood. The shares of each company will become shares of the new company. This is good for both companies as it gives them better leverage to take on… Read More

  • NAB 2008: JVC launches new HD pro camcorder

    It’s lovely Las Vegas, where NAB, the National Association of Broadcasters, is just starting up. It’s one of the largest conventions in the world, rivaling CES in size and scope, but sadly the vast majority of the things on display are mind-numblingly boring to the average person. JVC, though, has taken it upon itself to launch many new products at NAB today, including the… Read More

  • JVC launches new in-ear headphones

    JVC just announced a pair of $80 headphones, the HA-SX500. They use the companies Bi-METAL technology and have a 16mm driver unit or more sensitivity. They should be available in April. Read More

  • Two HD Everio camcorders from JVC on the way

      It’s confirmed: Two new high-definition hard drive-based camcorders are slated for release in Japan in February. The JVC Everio GZ-HD5 and GZ-HD6 will likely replace the GZ-HD7 and will be 40% smaller. The GZ-HD6 will record in 1080i and then upon playback will upscale the footage to 1080p when connected via HDMI. Cool, no? The GZ-HD5 will come with a 60GB hard drive and… Read More

  • JVC may or may not have made a 1080/60p compact camcorder

    Judge for yourself – to call the translation ambiguous would be charitable. I assume we’ll find out more soon, but it appears that JVC has a camcorder that somehow outputs the 60i video in 60p; now, that sounds like horsefeathers to me but I also didn’t believe DV could look as good as it does on the HV20. This of course has a spinning hard drive in it up to 120GB, so… Read More

  • JVC Everio G Series Camcorders

    Product Name: JVC Everio G Series Camcorder
    Description: The new Everio camcorders will come in blue, red, silver, and black and include 30- or 60GB hard drives. It has a 7-megapixel CCD and includes a 2.7-inch LCD with unique touch sensitive bezel. Read More

  • JVC P-Series LCD TVs with TeleDock

    Product Name: JVC P-Series LCD TVs with TeleDock
    Description: This line of LCD TVs include a fold down iPod dock. The new JVC P-Series includes the 32-inch LT-32P679, 42-inch LT-42P789, 47-inch LT-47P789 and the 52-inch LT-52P789. The LT-32P679 is a 768p model, while the others offer 1080p resolution. When an iPod is docked, a menu appears on the TV screen for selecting music, music shuffle… Read More

  • JVC NX-PN7 Dual iPod Dock

    Product Name: JVC NX-PN7 Dual iPod Dock
    Description: A dual ipod dock that holds two iPods. That’s right. Two iPods. Let’s say it again: Two. i. Pods. Read More

  • Headphones made of wood hope to be a real boy someday but for now are just pricey

    The HP-FX500 headphones from JVC are partly made of wood, which is supposed to make stuff sound better. Here’s to hoping that it makes stuff sound WAY better because these things are expensive. They’re available in Japan for 15,000 Yen (about $132)and may or may not mark the resurgence of wood-paneled audio gear that the world fell in love with back in the late 70’s or… Read More