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After 58 Years: Panasonic To Cut The Cord With JVC Kenwood

Panasonic has been partnering with Victor Co. of Japan, which in 2008 merged with Kenwood to become JVC Kenwood, since 1954. But yesterday JVC Kenwood <a href="http://www.jvckenwood.co.jp/press/2012/0

Video: World’s Largest 3D Display Boasts Full HD Resolution, 200-Inch Screen Size, 57 Viewing Angles

Japan's <a href="http://www.nict.go.jp/about/index-e.html">National Institute of Information and Communications</a> (NICT) and <a href="http://www.jvckenwood.co.jp/en/">JVC Kenwood</a> have developed

Ryoma/M-LinX=Digital TV tuner+BD+DVD recorder+HDD recorder+AM/FM tuner

<img src="http://www.crunchgear.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/jvc_ryoma-620x465.jpg" /> JVC Kenwood made a pretty interesting <a href="http://www.jk-holdings.com/press/2009/09/press_090930_01.html">