• Mobli Aims To Give Mobile Photo/Video Sharing A Little Celebrity Flair

    Given the rapid success that Instagram is seeing, it should be absolutely no surprise the startups are rushing to the mobile photo/video sharing space. But is there room for more than one player? Probably, but again, there are dozens of other players who have already been working on building their user bases for months now as well. The new guys coming late to the game need a hook. Read More

  • Following Pivot To Celebrity Tracking Site, Twitter Cuts Off Scoopler's Firehose Access

    A couple days ago, we noted that real time search engine Scoopler was pivoting away from that product and transforming into JustSpotted, a celebrity tracking site. A key to this new service is the use of Twitter data (alongside Foursquare and Facebook data) to track where celebrities are around the world in real time. The plan was for JustSpotted to use their Scoopler technology alongside… Read More

  • Celebrity Geo-Stalking In Real-Time. Finally. JustSpotted Launches Next Week

    In the age of location updates, status updates, and tweets, it’s a wonder that more people aren’t out there stalking celebrities. I mean, people were doing that long before any of these services existed, and these new tools make it significantly easier. And now comes another new tool to make celebrity real time tracking even easier: JustSpotted. Obviously, they’re not… Read More