• Yeah, I'm never shopping at Best Buy ever again

    So long as there is blood coursing through my dumb veins I will never shop at Best Buy again. Why? Because I feel the store’s anti-shoplifting measures went above and beyond what’s necessary at the weekend. Let me explain. Read More

  • Looks like Daft Punk will compose the new Tron movie's soundtrack

    So apparently there’s going to be a sequel to Tron, and it’s going to be called TR2N. Good news, right? Sure, okay. But even better news—Daft Punk will compose the soundtrack. Read More

  • Got a few minutes? Then read up on the law students who are taking on the RIAA

    Ars Technica is usually one of the better sites to read if you’re looking for a “serious” take on technology, but its profile of the Harvard Law students working on the RIAA v. Joel Tenenbaum case is in a league of its own. It’s a little on the long side, in this age of Twitter, but well worth the time invested if you’re interested in any of the following topics… Read More

  • Romanian eBay Scammer Exposed, Threatened

    There’s a great article over on dslreports.com about the innerworkings of a Romanian eBay scamming operation and how one victim got his revenge. A handful of resourceful eBay users were able to track down the ringleader and warn would-be victims to stay away from the phony auctions. One Russian user wasn’t so lucky, however, and ended up getting bilked out of $2,000 — his… Read More

  • Pedophile Blames Open WiFi Network For Kiddie Porn

    Sure you can pin the blame on your unsecured router when the RIAA or MPAA comes knocking at your door, but when it’s the FBI and you’re accused of having tons of child pornography, don’t think you’re getting out of this one so easily. A guy in Texas had his home raided and the police found lots of child porn on his computer. When confronted, he blamed his… Read More