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June’s third-gen smart oven goes up for pre-order, starting at $599

2020 is June’s time to shine. With an increasing number of people stuck and home, trying (and often failing) to fend for themselves in their kitchen, the smart oven startup has a solid opportunity t

Is a $600 smart oven ever worth it?

Part of closely following tech is the often mistaken belief that newer, better technologies can help right some of the wrongs older ones caused in the first place. Behold the Wii and the Fitbit — tw

June’s second-gen oven starts at $599

All of the good press the June Intelligent Oven got when it launched in late 2016 was overshadowed by one key thing: that ridiculously high price tag. The startup drew comparisons to the now defunct t

Now Alexa can help you microwave dinner

Amazon wants to put Alexa in every room of your home — that much is clear. It’s the main reason the company offers the Echo in so many different form factors. The kitchen has been a key piece in t