June 29

  • New, Mystery App Spotted on iPhone

    Hats off to Macenstein, whose sleuthing efforts have paid off to the tune of 1,300 Diggs. In the newly released iPhone movies, Macenstein noticed the appearance of a mystery application on the iPhone’s home menu. What was originally 11 apps on the home menu is now, apparently, 12. Dun, duh, duuh. What could be the new mystery app? Are you excited to find out? Who has the time to… Read More

  • Besides the iPhone, What Else Happened on June 29?

    We now know the iPhone will be released on June 29. For better or worse, June 29 will from then on be one of those dates that you just know, like July 4, December 7 and any Friday the 13th. So, what else happened on June 29, you know, before the iPhone’s launch? Read More

  • Rumor: iPhone Release "Pushed Back" to June 29

    The latest rumor in what seems to be a neverending cycle of hogwash regarding the iPhone launch date comes from Mr. Block, again. According to his sources there will be three iPhone commercials with one that features the launch date of June 29. Everyone suspects Jobs will announce the official launch at WWDC, but apparently these commercials are slated to run next week. I personally… Read More