• Yahoo Shutting Down The Rest Of Jumpcut In June

    Yahoo’s closure of their Jumpcut video service feels like the slow peeling off of a bandaid. In December they announced that no new videos could be uploaded, but that they “will be keeping the Jumpcut site up and running for the foreseeable future.” Apparently the foreseeable future ends in June, when the site will be shut down. From an email they sent out to users… Read More

  • Yahoo Putting Jumpcut In The Deadpool?

    Online video editing service Jumpcut, which was acquired by Yahoo! in September 2006, appears to be in the process of shutting down. From their website: We’re sorry to announce that we are no longer accepting uploads to Jumpcut. We will be keeping the Jumpcut site up and running for the foreseeable future so you‘ll still be able to play, remix and share your existing movies –… Read More

  • Cuts Launches Amidst Online Video Editor War

    Ever since the social video market boomed through 2006, some video services have sought to differentiate themselves by adding online editors. Jumpcut and Motionbox launched their editors last April and Jumpcut was acquired by Yahoo! 5 months later. Eyespot launched its editor a month before Jumpcut, last March. Last December Gotuit launched their SceneMaker video mashup app. Photobucket… Read More

  • All The Cool Kids Are Deep Tagging

    The popularity of rich media publishing (such as podcasting and videocasting, the YouTube phenomenon, etc.) is a problem for search engines and people trying to use search engines to find this content. The problem is that the traditional ways search engines index and rank content don’t apply to rich media because, well, it’s not easily indexable. A few startups are focusing on… Read More

  • Yahoo! has acquired Jumpcut

    The Yahoo! family expanded again today with the acquisition of online video editing service Jumpcut. Here’s the Jumpcut post on the announcement and here’s the Yahoo! Search post. Based in San Francisco and launched just six months ago, Jumput specializes in letting users remix videos already online or edit their own video with its interface. Mike Arrington gave the company a… Read More

  • JumpCut In Deal With FoxAtomic

    JumpCut, reviewed here by Michael Arrington several months ago, announced a licensing deal for its browser-based video editing software with FoxAtomic today. FoxAtomic will use Jumpcut to enable online auditions for its remake of the classic comedy “Revenge of the Nerds”. It is the second such deal for JumpCut, following a contest that allowed users to remix the trailer for… Read More

  • Online Video Sites: Breeding Like Rabbits

    No sooner did I proclaim Motionbox the best online video sharing service (mostly for its editing and deep tagging tools), than a new contender arrives on the scene. San Francisco based stealth startup Jumpcut, founded by Mike Folgner and Ryan Cunningham, just launched minutes ago. In my mind there are now two distinct types of video sharing services. The first is the YouTube crowd and its… Read More