• Mozilla Launches Improved JPEG Encoder

    Mozilla Launches Improved JPEG Encoder

    Mozilla today announced the launch of the latest version of its mozjpeg image encoder for JPEG files. The new version is already being tested on, and Facebook donated $60,000 to Mozilla to continue its work on this project. When it comes to image formats on the web, PNG and JPEG are pretty much the only game in town. Over the years, firms like Microsoft and Google have… Read More

  • New Startup JPEGmini Reduces Photos’ Size, Not Their Quality

    New Startup JPEGmini Reduces Photos’ Size, Not Their Quality

    Photographers, take note. A startup called JPEGmini is introducing a new photo compression technology for JPEG photos which reduces the overall file size (by up to 5 times), while preserving the photo’s quality and resolution. The technology is designed specifically with the Web in mind, as more photographers, both amateur and professional, use online storage for photo archival purposes. Read More

  • XDepth Raw works as both JPEG and RAW

    Interesting. I’ve always wondered when a lossless compression scheme for RAW shots would become popular — there’s already Rawzor, but it’s not the same idea. This XDepth Raw format is encoded in such a way that any viewer capable of processing jpegs can view this format, although it allows for all the conservation of data and depth that RAW, DNG, and CRW among… Read More

  • JPEG XR may offer a fix for DSLR users who need a higher burst rate

    I’ve never had a problem with my old Rebel XT’s 3-per-second rapid fire rate. Of course, I’m not a press or sport photographer, and it is kind of annoying that I can only take like 8 RAW photos at that speed before it has to stop and think for a while. Memory bandwidth and buffer size are not the Rebel’s strong point; more expensive cameras make a point of having… Read More

  • Microsoft Attempts To Overtake JPEG, Almost There

    Microsoft’s HD Photo file format is one step closer to being accepted by JPEG. The standardization of HD Photo or JPEG XR will make certain that software, display, printer and camera companies will be able to develop products on a consistent basis and ensure interoperability across all products and platforms. Developed by Microsoft’s Core Media Processing team, HD Photo will focus… Read More