• Apple’s R&D Department Conjures A Pop-Up iPhone Home Button Joystick

    Apple’s R&D Department Conjures A Pop-Up iPhone Home Button Joystick

    Apple has a new patent application that describes a pop-up home button which can work as an analog joystick. The patent, uncovered by Patently Apple, describes how the button goes from recessed standard mode to extended gameplay-readiness based on specific types of pressure input. The patent acknowledges that touch screens may not be optimal for all gaming situations, and also stipulates that… Read More

  • Video: Using Microsoft Surface With Joystick Emulation

    Wondering how the Microsoft Surface product will be for gaming? Some student was, and he made a video of what he found out. Have a look and see how Portal and Flight Simulator X controls. I’m still not sold, I found using a touchscreen to be a bit tiring, but hopefully you’ll get something out of it. Check out the video after the jump: Read More

  • Like flying games? Mad Catz launches the Cyborg F.L.Y. flight stick

    Ever since the days of playing F-15 Eagle on my old Atari 800xl, I’ve had a weakness for flight games. Now days of course there aren’t that many of them, but I can still appreciate the need for a good flight stick. Mad Catz just announced the release of the F.L.Y.9 wireless flight stick. I think I want one. Read More

  • Review: Thrustmaster T.16000M joystick

    With a name like the T.16000M, you kind of expect this joystick to sync with your cerebellum and control eight games at once. But no, it’s just Thrustmaster’s latest, which uses a magnetic sensor to provide extra precision in your controls — 16,000 analog states per axis, to be precise (many analog sticks use 256 or even 16). I’ve always thought of joysticks as… Read More

  • Totally Awesome Video Games: Joystick intro

    BBG found this great video of the beginning of Joysticks, an arcade-themed movie from back in the heyday of Donkey Kong. There’s a bit of butt waggling in there, so be warned. These kinds of movies – essentially vehicles for dying stars – probably defined my childhood summers. Hard Bodies was my Skinemax and Cloak & Dagger enthused me so much that I probably learned… Read More

  • Turn your car into a joystick

    Those crafty bastards from the Netherlands are back again with cool DIY gadgets. This time, a gentleman named Thijs Eerens has turned an old, parked car into a joystick for playing video games. He calls his invention Park To Play and it allows any car to be transformed into a joystick so that you can play titles like Tetris by turning the steering wheel and flashing the headlights. Not sure… Read More