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A look at 42 women in tech who crushed it in 2017

What a challenging, exhilarating year it has been for women everywhere, starting from the women’s March on Washington to former Uber engineer Susan Fowler’s eye-opening and now famous blog post to

This Week On Bullish: How To Be Nonprofit On Purpose

Hello and welcome back to Bullish, TechCrunch’s first talk show and running attempt to see how much I can sweat inside of 10 minutes on a regular basis. This week we dug into a topic that is bot

Cheezburger Creator’s Startup SimpleHoney Shifts Focus From Travel To ‘I Want Wish List’ App

<a target="_blank" href="">SimpleHoney</a>, the startup co-founded by Joyce Kim (former CEO of Korean pop site and former co-host of the GigaOm show) and Eric Naka