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Hands on with Telepath, the social network taking aim at abuse, fake news and, to some extent, ‘free speech’

There’s no doubt that modern social networks have let us down. Filled with hate speech and abuse, moderation and anti-abuse tools were an afterthought they’re now trying to cram in. Meanwh

VC Josh Kopelman isn’t so sure about SPACs, but he thinks so-called rolling funds could prove powerful

Yesterday, we had a chance to catch up with Josh Kopelman, cofounder of the now 16-year-old early-stage venture firm First Round to talk about a wide variety of issues. As part of that conversation &#

Root AI raises $7.2M seed round to deploy its harvesting robot amid COVID-19-fueled demand

By all accounts, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of robotics and automation by months, if not years. The reasons are fairly clear — robotics don’t call in sick, nor are they dis

Pinwheel is the API platform for income verification that every fintech and neobank needs

A lot of founders start building one idea and in the process, find another one that is more alluring. Perhaps the most well-known example is Tiny Speck, a game publisher of a relatively uninteresting

Coursedog lands $4.2 million to make class scheduling smarter

Two years ago, dormmates Justin Wenig and Nicholas Diao struggled to get into a popular computer science class at Columbia University. The duo eventually got into that class, but after the initial fru

Josh Kopelman on how to start and run an early-stage fund in a hypercompetitive market

Last week at the Upfront Summit in Pasadena, there was no shortage of glitz, from the venue (the Rose Bowl) to the catering (Wolfgang Puck) to the guest list (Ice Cube, Paris Hilton and John Legend, t

Kleiner Perkins has already blown through much of the $600 million it raised last year

Kleiner Perkins, one of the most storied franchises in venture capital, has already invested much of the $600 million it raised last year and is now going back out to the market to raise its 19th fund

Bodega, once dubbed ‘America’s most hated startup,’ has quietly raised millions

The startup — now Stockwell — is backed by GV, NEA and DCM Ventures.

Revenue-based investing: A new option for founders who care about control

Does the traditional VC financing model make sense for all companies? Absolutely not. VC Josh Kopelman makes the analogy of jet fuel vs. motorcycle fuel. VCs sell jet fuel which works well for jets...

Mint founder Aaron Patzer launches Vital, an ER management tool that integrates with electronic health records

Aaron Patzer launched Mint to help consumers organize their finances. Now he’s raised $5.2 million from investors to launch Vital to bring that consumer-focused mindset to emergency rooms and ho

Athenascope nabs $2.5M seed led by First Round to bring gamers AI-edited highlight reels

As massive cross-platform gaming titles become even larger time-sucks for a lot of people, it’s probably worth reflecting on how to savor your in-game accomplishments. Streaming of esports celeb

Wavii founder and former Googler Adrian Aoun is working on a new healthcare startup, Forward

Here's a new startup to keep an eye on — Forward, which plans to use sensors and other technology to rethink the healthcare experience. It's hard to say what that means exactly. For now, the Forw

LPs are feeling the pressure of startups not finding exits

All the energy for venture funds flows from LPs — the money goes from LPs to partners at funds, which in turn invest in startups. But since the number of IPOs and exits has started to dry up, the

Separating fact from fiction at Disrupt, with Josh Kopelman, Andy Weissman, and Chris Douvos

When a market turns, everyone get socked to a certain degree. At our upcoming TechCrunch Disrupt conference, we’ll be sitting down with three pros on the front lines of a suddenly slowing tech

The Implications Of The Seed Funding Boom

Josh Kopelman wrote a great post recently highlighting the current state of the early-stage funding market. One of his main points was that the Series Seed round is becoming so easy to raise that f

(Founder Office Hours With Josh Kopelman & Chris Dixon) Have-to-Have: Creating A Marketplace

Carla Holtze is the co-founder of <a href="">Have-to-Have</a>, which is offically launching later this week. She calls it "a digital shopping platform" that allows consumers

Founder Office Hours With Chris Dixon And Josh Kopelman: Schedit

"What do investors look for in a beta? What are the key metrics?" That is the question Omar Tellez poses to <a href="">Chris Dixon</a> of Founder Collecti

Founder Office Hours With Chris Dixon And Josh Kopelman: Profitably

Today, we are trying a special edition of <em>Founder Stories</em> that we are calling <em>Founder Office Hours</em>. Inspired by <a href="

Investors Fred Wilson, John Borthwick and Josh Kopelman Are Ready To Disrupt NYC

<img src=""> Where there are startups, there are great investors backing them up. The resurgence of New York City as a startup

The Top Ten VC Blogs (New And Improved)

<img src="" width="135" height="200" /> Every so often, venture capitalist Larry Cheng puts out a list of the top VC blogs. Pre