Will we see a browser-based Joost in the near future?

Let me rephrase that title in the form of a statement instead of a question. We better see a browser-based Joost in the near future. With the impending release of the H.264 codec into Flash Player 9 a

Joost Coming To The Browser?

Joost CEO Mike Volpi just suggested on stage at Web 2.0 that Joost is working on a browser-based version of its peer-to-peer Internet TV service. “At some point, when we can deliver the quality

The Clock is Ticking for Joost

There’s a time bomb out there with Joost’s name on it. Full-screen, broadcast-quality video streams—the main selling point of Joost’s peer-to-peer Internet TV client software—is

AniBoom Gets Its Own Channel on Joost

Israeli-startup AniBoom just went live with an animation channel on Joost to launch, the peer-to-peer Internet TV service. AniBoom is an animation site with 30,000 videos, contributed from about 3,000

Joost Officially Launches

This past July we reported that Joost, a company that has been working for two years to provide quality on-demand IPTV, would launch by the end of this year. Today, the company announces the availabil

Will Joost Address The Copycats?

The Joost look and feel is being widely copied by others, even before the company officially launches. Last week the second Joost look-alike popped up: DNAStream. Like the first Joost clone, created b

More Competition For IPTV: HP Launching Next.TV

Hewlett Packard has announced a deal to ship a P2P IPTV system with their notbooks (notably the Presario and Pavillion models) beginning in late September. It will also be available as a system update

Saturday Morning: I'm Watching Tubecast

Good find over at Go2Web2 – is a new Internet video startup that, like others, is building a user interface layer on top of the online video services like YouTube, Veoh, etc. For the

Browser-based WiTV To Take On Joost, Others

WiTV, short for Wireless Internet TV, requires nothing but a web browser yet it’s designed to behave like internet television services Joost, BabelGum, and VeohTV. The service was announced a fe

The Internet (Apparently) Isn't Ready For IPTV

European ISPs are up in arms over the BBC’s new online TV player, iPlayer. Concerns from service providers such as Tiscali and companies like Carphone Warehouse center around, of all things, a f

Joost Says They Have 1 million Beta Users; Launch By Year End

1 million is a lot of beta users. But that’s the number of users that IPTV startup Joost co-founder Niklas Zennström said are using the service at a press event in Estonia yesterday (get your i

LAPTOP Magazine's Joost Beta Review

Laptop Magazine has a good read about everyone’s favorite disruptor, Joost. The editors start out with a battle of the sexes-style argument and then move into the review itself. I agree with bot

Joost Scores Major VH1 Deal

Looks like hotshot startup Joost is gaining even more credibility as a true alternative to standard television. It just struck a deal with VH1 that will allow Joost to showcase the new series “I

LiveStation: Microsoft's New Live TV Initiative LiveStation Demo Microsoft LiveStation is kind of a Joost-meets-Orb except that it’s live TV (unlike Joost) only and it requires broadcas

VeohTV Promises a Different TV Experience Online

Joost may be getting a lot of attention lately, but it’s surely not the only new player in the TV-on-the-web game. Veoh claims that, while Joost embraces the old-school channel style of cable TV

33 Free Ways to Watch TV Online

You can’t throw a stone on the Internet without hitting at least half a dozen video sharing Web sites. Mashable, which covers social networks and the like, put together a list of 33 different, t

Embedded Joost Will Change The Market

Reports that Joost is now talking to hardware vendors about embedding Joost into set-top boxes and televisions will change the market as we know it. While Joost is generally now regarded as the leader

Joost v. Babelgum

Babelgum has pushed itself public yesterday. On the surface it looks very similar to its more famous competitor, Joost. Both are P2P IPTV applications that let you flip through channels and shows stre

PatentMonkey: Microsoft to Take on Joost?

Two things show a company is getting ramped up to enter a business – filing for patents and lining up a trademark. Microsoft has done both in the online video arena and could be in a position to

Babelgum Basically Just Launched

Babelgum, the Joost-like TVIP startup, effectively just launched to the public. Click on this link, which takes you to a press download page, and request an invite. The company has played second fiddl
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