Investor Deadpools Jooce. Not Sure They're Aware.

<img src="" width="200" height="92" />Funny how we receive tips sometimes. Yesterday we <a href="

Cloudo: The Pretty WebOS Formerly Known As Xindesk

Cloudo is the new Xindesk and looks like shaping up to be a good looking WebOS, if and when it launches. Cloudo was previously part of Xindesk, a company that was promising a WebOS and Widget platform

Cybercafe Regulars Can Now Manage Their Digital Lives with Jooce

Jooce, the Flash-based web desktop we covered in August with an unfortunate name (Joost, anyone?) , has opened its doors for business. The Parisian development team behind Jooce seeks to provide the m

France's Jooce Enters WebOS Space

New Paris startup Jooce says they are targeting the “cybercafe generation” with their new Flash-based web operating system and sharing platform. Jooce is most like Goowy, another Flash bas