In Me-Too Move, Finnish Mobile Messaging App Jongla Rolls Out Branded Channels

When Finland’s Jongla re-booted to offer a multi platform mobile messaging app for modern-day smartphones, I questioned how it was going to distinguish itself in such a crowded market. In part, the

Finnish Sticker-Happy Social Messaging App Jongla Raises Further €1.4 Million

Oh boy, another sticker-happy social messaging app raises money. This time it's the turn of Finland's <a target="_blank" href="">Jongla</a>. The youth-oriented messaging app for

Is There Room Left In The Social Messaging Market? Youth-Oriented Jongla Launches On iOS, Android

<a target="_blank" href="">WhatsApp</a>, <a target="_blank" href="">Viber</a>, <a title="Samba Mobile And Yuilop, Two E