Jonathan Coulton

  • PAX 2008: Jonathan Coulton rickrolls the entire concert audience

    I mentioned it in an earlier post, but as it all went down while I was in the middle of swappin’ out cameras, I missed getting this little gem on video. Fortunately, ye olde Tube of Yous has come through. To explain what you’re seeing: About halfway through his set, Coulton pushed an iDVD-built video menu to the concert hall’s projection screens. It had two items: one… Read More

  • PAX 2008: Jonathan Coulton playing "Still Alive" with Felicia Day

    I had the best spot in the house, standing on a nice sturdy chair staring down the 10x zoom lens of an HD camera from about 15 feet from the stage. Then the battery died on the camera and security kicked me off my chair, simultaneously. After egging the audience into rickrolling themselves, Jonathan brought Felicia Day (who, by the way, we’ll be spending a few minutes with tomorrow… Read More