John Zimmer

Lyft CEO and president stepping down to be replaced by former Amazon exec

UPDATE: This article has been updated with compensation package information for Green, Zimmer and Risher. Lyft co-founders, CEO Logan Green and president John Zimmer, are stepping down from their role

Lyft co-founder says autonomous vehicles won’t replace drivers for at least a decade

In appearance at TechCrunch Disrupt, John Zimmer spoke on slow AV rollout and why Lyft hasn’t banned drivers from using Autopilot.

Human Capital: Amazon and CZI face labor disputes as Biden promises gig workers better protections

Welcome back to Human Capital. In this week’s edition of HC, you’ll read about the latest labor struggles at Amazon and the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, President-Elect Joe Biden’s promises to gi

Lyft pledges that every vehicle on its platform will be electric by 2030

Lyft said Wednesday that every car, truck and SUV on its platform will be all-electric or powered by another zero-emission technology by 2030, a commitment that will require the company to coax driver

How Lyft intends to navigate and survive COVID-19

A glimpse at Lyft’s stock price Wednesday, which soared as much as 16.77% after first-quarter earnings were reported, suggested all was well in the ride-hailing company’s world. In this CO

Light Phone’s founders discuss life beyond the smartphone

For a seemingly tough pitch, Light has had little trouble getting noticed. The company has run two successful crowdfunding campaigns for a pair of minimalist phones designed to augment or replace the

Lyft opens to the public autonomous driving data set from its Level 5 self-driving fleet

Lyft is offering to the public a set of autonomous driving data that it calls the “largest public data set of its kind,” containing over 55,000 3D frames of captured footage hand-labeled b

Lyft lost $1.14B in Q1 2019 on $776M in revenue

In its first-ever earnings report as a public company, Lyft (Nasdaq: LYFT) failed to display progress toward profitability. The ride-hailing business, which raised $2 billion in a March initial public

Lyft launches its scooter business in Denver

Lyft launched its scooter business in Denver on Thursday, the first market for the company as it expands beyond ride-hailing and into other means of transportation. Lyft is one of a handful of compani

Lyft is building a self-driving platform with auto supplier Magna

Lyft is partnering with Magna, one of the largest tier-one automotive industry suppliers in the world, on autonomous vehicle technology. Lyft CEO and co-founder Logan Green explained that this will h

Lyft raising additional $500 million on top of recent $1 billion round

Lyft is seeking to raise an additional $500 million, over and above the $1 billion it raised in a round led by Alphabet venture arm CaptialG last month. The $500 million is an extension of that round,

You can now catch a Lyft even in rural areas in 40 U.S. states

All 50 states offer some form of Lyft service but now even rural areas in most states can catch a Lyft. According to a company statement out today, Lyft can now pick up customers in 94 percent of the

Lyft just met its goal of launching in 100 more U.S. cities in 2017

Ride-hailing company Lyft is celebrating a milestone -- it just launched in 10 additional U.S. markets, making for 100 cities added to the list of places it's available in 2017. That was the target Ly

U.S. Department of Transportation announces a new committee focused on automation

The U.S. regulatory agency overseeing transportation at the federal level has announced a new official committee on automation, be it autonomous driving, drones or other self-guided modes of getting a

Lyft shaves the stache for amp, a color-coded LED display to tell you which ride is yours

The ridesharing company says more than 1 million new customers gave the service a spin last month. It previously told TechCrunch it had picked up 17 million rides in October, more than 2.4x’s t

Lyft picked up 17 million rides in October, up more than twice that amount from last year

Lyft launched an aggressive marketing campaign in Spring that seems to be paying off. The rideshare company says it delivered 17 million rides this month (so far), more than 2.4x’s the amount th

Lyft will now let you schedule trips ahead of time

Lyft gets back to Zimride roots with Lyft Carpool

Back in 2007 co-founders John Zimmer and Logan Green envisioned a new kind of mass transportation carpooling system connecting riders and drivers across the nation. They called it Zimride. But it turn

Lyft follows Uber in opening up its API to third-party developers, starting with Facebook Messenger

Lyft is now allowing third-party developers to build on its platform, starting with Facebook Messenger today. Uber opened its API to third-party developers more than 18 months ago, announcing a partn

Lyft Lowers Prices In Latest Rideshare War With Rival Uber

Earlier this week I benefitted from a drop in Uber Pool pricing, noting my ride was a whole Starbucks medium-size latte less than Lyft Line. Lyft, fresh with a new billion dollars in funding, is now d
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