joel johnson

  • An interview with Joel Johnson on why he's funny

    Joel and I were so angry at each other in this picture that Cat Schwartz literally had to keep us apart. I don’t usually want to bring people’s personal lives into focus here on CG. After all, we’re dedicated to, as Joel himself always pointed out, self-deprecation and dick jokes. However, since Joel is my mentor and friend I wanted to point you guys to a great interview… Read More

  • Joel Johnson takes on AT&T's packet filter plans – on an AT&T-funded web TV channel

    AT&T runs a “tech channel” and there is a show on there run by Hugh Thompson, a security researcher turned eccentric chat show host. They booked Joel Johnson, my old boss at Gizmodo and one of the smartest guys in the room when it comes to tech, under the assumption that he would talk about hot new gadgets. Instead, Joel brought up the small issue of AT&T looking into… Read More