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Actually, it’s good for Spotify that Joe Rogan’s podcast is no longer exclusive

Spotify renewed its contract with podcaster Joe Rogan this weekend, but with a twist. After almost four years, “The Joe Rogan Experience” is no longer a Spotify-exclusive podcast. This mig

Spotify’s podcast exclusive days are over as Joe Rogan’s show expands to other platforms

Controversies and PR headaches weren’t enough to dissuade Spotify from re-upping its agreement with podcaster Joe Rogan, whose show over the past couple of years drove divisions among music fans

Apple readies its next iPhone, Joe Rogan interviews Zuck, and Twitter purportedly pauses plans to compete with OnlyFans

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Randomly selected quotes from Zuck’s very, very long interview

Life is too short to listen to a three-hour conversation between successful normal human Mark Zuckerberg and the farcically neutral Joe Rogan, so I’m taking a different tack: scrolling very fast

Zuckerberg says Meta’s next VR headset will launch in October and will focus on ‘social presence’

Meta is launching its next VR headset this October at the company’s Connect conference. CEO Mark Zuckerberg made the announcement late Thursday, fittingly, in an equally surreal environment: the

After Rogan COVID-19 controversy, Spotify forms a safety council to rethink its content moderation policies

After finding itself embroiled in a lengthy saga over how its star podcaster Joe Rogan spread COVID-19 vaccine-related misinformation on his show earlier this year, Spotify has announced a new initiat

Spotify hypes the revenue potential of podcasts and audiobooks at its second Investor Day event

In its second Investor Day, streaming service Spotify updated the financial community about its potential for further growth and monetization, despite the overall economic downturn impacting the tech

Daily Crunch: US dangles reward up to $10M for info on 6 elite Russian military hackers

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Rogan backlash didn’t hurt Spotify’s Q1, as paying subscribers grew 15% despite Russia exit

We already suspected that the controversy surrounding the Joe Rogan podcast on Spotify was doing little to actually prompt users to leave the streaming service, based on app store data. Now, Spotify&#

Spotify’s COVID-19 content advisory continues roll out two months after Joe Rogan uproar

You probably remember a few months ago when you couldn’t turn on the news, check Twitter or talk to your conservative uncle without broaching the issue of Joe Rogan, who is signed to an exclusiv

Spotify must be more transparent about its rules of the road

Companies once believed they could rely on algorithms to catch inappropriate content and intervene with public relations in high-profile cases. Today, the challenges are bigger and more complicated.

Spotify snaps up podcast measurement and analytics firms Podsights and Chartable

Spotify this afternoon announced two more acquisitions in the podcasts market, this time on both the measurement and analytics side of the business. The company is acquiring the podcast measurement se

The Spotify-Rogan saga highlights the distinction between publishers and platforms

As our Equity podcast recently asked, “How many times must Spotify step on a rake?” The streaming service is learning the hard way that it’s counterintuitive to act as both a platfor

Spotify will invest $100M in content from underrepresented creators, says CEO Daniel Ek

In the latest installment of the Spotify-Rogan saga, CEO Daniel Ek sent out a company memo on Sunday addressing Joe Rogan’s use of harmful racial slurs in past episodes of his podcast. Over 70 o

Equity Monday: How many times must Spotify step on a rake?

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3 views: How should creators weigh monetization strategies in the platform era?

How should creators think about monetizing their work today? TechCrunch’s Amanda, Natasha, and Alex worked to map out some possible routes forward.

Daily Crunch: With $4M pre-seed round, Casava sets new funding record for African insurtech

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Why Facebook and Spotify are getting hammered in after-hours trading

If you own stocks, bad news, you probably just lost money. Social networking giant Meta, better known as Facebook, is off more than 20% in after-hours trading. And Spotify, music streaming impressario

Spotify backlash over Joe Rogan did little to boost its streaming rivals

The Joe Rogan controversy has been a PR headache for Spotify in recent days, but it doesn’t seem to have yet prompted a sizable exit to rival streaming apps, according to new app store data. Ove

TechCrunch+ roundup: 3 customer experiments, Citrix-Tibco merger, building fundraising momentum

Early-stage startups that hope to refine their value proposition and triangulate target users can't sit back and wait for customer intelligence to just roll in.
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