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Investors are optimistic about 2024

After a mediocre 2023, investors are optimistic about exit and M&A activity picking back up in 2024. Some think we will see the IPO market bounce back.

Climate tech might be the hot job market in 2024

While much of the tech world has been besieged by layoffs, climate tech continued to hire. Next year looks no different.

The tech jobs market is as strong as it ever was

It may feel like the tech jobs market is in the doldrums, but the data suggests that it could be much more robust than you think.

The future of American jobs lies with the tech industry

When Donald Trump won the election, many in Silicon Valley were flummoxed: "How could a bigoted billionaire with no government experience and a twitchy Twitter trigger finger win the U.S. presidential

The future of the IoT job market

Since the dawn of technology, we’ve been afraid of technology eliminating our jobs. Look at the birth of the steam engine. When it was invented in the late 1700s, people believed its arrival signale