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LinkedIn now lets job seekers ask for referrals with a click of a button

LinkedIn this morning is rolling out a new feature for job searchers that allows them to better leverage their network of connections when looking for a new job. The company is introducing “Ask

LinkedIn to launch Talent Insights, a new analytics tool, as it dives deeper into data

LinkedIn, the Microsoft-owned social network for the working world with some 500 million members, has made a large business out of recruitment — with some 11 million job listings on the site at

LinkedIn will now let you discreetly signal when you’re looking for a job

One of the hallmarks of any social network is how it pushes people to share their experiences with others, but increasingly we’ve seen a lot of moves by social platforms to give people the optio

Restless Bandit raises $8M to help companies dig through their old resume piles

While at LinkedIn, Steve Goodman and his co-founders spent a lot of their time trying to help companies dig up the best possible candidates from those that exist around the Web — but might not have

inploi is another jobs app that wants to kill off the service industry CV

Walking around the neighborhood handing out CVs in the hopes of scoring shifts in a local cafe or restaurant has never been an efficient job-search process. But workers in the service industry still d

SmartRecruiters raises $30 million for hiring software

Because managing a large pool of job applicants can be cumbersome, SmartRecruiters thinks its software has the right tools to keep you organized in your candidate search. The team counts clients like

UpScored launches job-matching platform for applicants and employers

Searching for a new job sucks. It sucks even more when you apply for a job you’re super pumped about just to find out that the company doesn’t think you’re cut out for it. #Rude. Up

From Uber driver to venture capitalist

How did you get into venture capital? And why did you decide on that versus another startup? These are two questions aspiring VCs often ask. While I usually hop on 15-30 minute calls with those lookin

LinkedIn Revamps Its Jobs Listings With Big Data Analytics

LinkedIn, a social network focused around the working world with nearly 400 million members, is well known for how it uses algorithms to suggest potential business connections and jobs based on your

Readyforce Gives Students A Chance To Explore Options Before Picking Their First Jobs

Readyforce, a professional network for college students, is launching a new tool aimed at students who have already received job offers but would like to see what else might be out there for them.

Trail’s Platform For Teaching Digital Literacy Skills To U.S. Job Seekers Exits Beta & Launches In Spanish At TC Disrupt

Trail is a rare thing indeed: a startup not aiming to appeal to elite geeks. Quite the opposite in fact: Trail targets the circa 60 million Americas who aren't digitally literate and could benefit fro

Jobandtalent Raises $3.3M For Its Linguistics Algorithm-Based Approach To Recruitment

U.K.- and Spain-based recruitment startup Jobandtalent, which uses linguistic analysis to alert candidates to jobs they might otherwise have missed, has just closed a €2.5 million ($3.3 million) fun

Mobile Job Search App Proven Now Allows Users To Create Resumes Using Only Their Smartphone

<a target="_blank" href="">Proven</a>, an Andreessen Horowitz-backed mobile app which allows users to apply to jobs from their smartphone, has now rolled out an update to <a targ