JJ Abrams

J.J. Abrams and Bad Robot sign exclusive deal with WarnerMedia

After being courted by seemingly every major entertainment and streaming company, Bad Robot has signed an exclusive deal with WarnerMedia. While the production company — led by Star Wars director J.

Jennifer Garner and J.J. Abrams are making a limited series for Apple

More than a decade after the end of “Alias,” J.J. Abrams and Jennifer Garner are teaming up on a new limited series for Apple. The show, titled “My Glory Was I Had Such Friends,&#822

Google and J.J. Abrams team up on “Moon Shot,” a documentary series about the Lunar XPRIZE

J.J. Abrams, best known as the co-creator of the TV series “Lost” and director of recent “Star Trek” movies as well as “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” is now bring

JJ Abrams does some very good work with a very terminal geek

[photopress:kirk.jpg,full,center] I know that some of you didn’t like Cloverfield. I haven’t seen it yet being as I’m stranded in Mexico, but I want to like it. I like JJ Abrams a lo