• JiWire Jumps Into The Free WiFi Game With AWG To Boost Its Ad Network In U.S. Airports

    JiWire Jumps Into The Free WiFi Game With AWG To Boost Its Ad Network In U.S. Airports

    JiWire, the location-based advertising company that uses WiFi networks to locate users and deliver ads, has signed a deal with Advanced Wireless Group to provide free WiFi services in airports in the U.S. The deal will cover 293 million passengers annually and includes major hubs like San Francisco, Los Angeles International, Minneapolis and Baltimore- Washington. This is an extension of… Read More

  • JiWire Aims To Improve Mobile Ad Targeting With Its New Location Graph

    JiWire Aims To Improve Mobile Ad Targeting With Its New Location Graph

    Location-based ad company JiWire is announcing a new service today that’s supposed to connect user behavior and location — perhaps inevitably, given the trendiness of building an this that graph, it’s called the Location Graph. Even prior to the Location Graph, interim CEO David Staas says JiWire had already created more than 3 billion location tags. The new initiative… Read More

  • Location-Based Mobile Advertising Company JiWire Raises $20 Million

    Location-Based Mobile Advertising Company JiWire Raises $20 Million

    Exclusive: Location-based mobile advertising company JiWire has raised $20 million in new funding led by Trident Capital with Comcast Interactive Capital, Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Panorama Capital, and Norwest Venture Partners also participated in the financing. With the current funding, JiWire’s total capital raised to date is $45 million. JiWire offers a highly targeted… Read More

  • Discovering The Distance-to-Discount Ratio

    When it comes to deals, the bigger the discount, the further people will travel. While this may sound obvious, mobile advertising company JiWire has some numbers to back it up. JiWire is releasing a new study today that evaluates consumers; behavior when it comes to location-based deals and discounts. In a survey of more than 3,000 respondents, JiWire’s results show that the greater… Read More

  • JiWire Acquires Location-Based Mobile Shopping Platform NearbyNow

    Mobile advertising company JiWire is announcing today that it has acquired location-based mobile shopping platform NearbyNow. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. NearbyNow allows brands to show products within an app or an ad and confirm availability of the product in the actual store. Users can also reserve the product in the store for pickup. For example, a Seventeen Magazine mobile app… Read More

  • How popular is iOS 4 and where?

    JiWire has been watching their 30K hotspots throughout the U.S. to see how popular iOS 4 is. The results are interesting, if not entirely predictable. As you can see from the slide above, iOS 4 accounted for just over 22% of all iOS WiFi traffic on JiWire hotspots. That’s a pretty respectable number for a brand new operating system’s first week of existence. I think it’s also… Read More

  • People like mobile ads, says JiWire

    JiWire has been watching mobile and in-app advertising, and says that “Advertisements in mobile applications are especially effective.” Their new report, released today, “examines device use, consumer adoption of Wi-Fi and consumer preferences for mobile content and advertising delivery.” Interesting take-aways from the report include the fact that iPhone has surpassed… Read More

  • The rich get richer: Free iPhone/iPod Touch hotspots

    As if specific web sites for iPhone and iPod Touch users weren’t enough, JiWire has announced free Wi-Fi access from over 100,000 locations available only to the aforementioned iPhone and iPod Touch users. In order to glom on to such a network, we’ll be required to first view “a JiWire-supplied advertisement” from companies like HBO and Charles Schwab. When the… Read More