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  • Here’s the first live gameplay demonstration of the Nintendo Switch

    Here’s the first live gameplay demonstration of the Nintendo Switch

    Tonight Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aimé (who we interviewed earlier today) went on Jimmy Fallon to show off some gameplay from Super Mario Run, Nintendo’s first iOS game that launches next week. And after playing Super Mario Run Fils-Aimé, surprised everyone and opened a gold cube containing the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo’s new next-generation console. The console… Read More

  • Watch Apple’s First Timberlake And Fallon iPhone 6 Ads

    Watch Apple’s First Timberlake And Fallon iPhone 6 Ads

    Apple has gone back to territory that treated it well in the past with new ads for the iPhone 6, with a spin on the “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC” John Hodgman/Justin Long duo act that served it well in the latter half of the last decade. This time, it’s not quite so oppositional, as the spots compare the relative virtues of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, with Jimmy Fallon… Read More

  • Jimmy Fallon's Late Night Apps

    Jimmy Fallon is so excited about the new iPhone 4 that he gave a preview of some new apps which his comedy writers created for the device. Okay, they are just gags (it would be pretty funny if they actually created these apps though). Fallon demos some of the apps in the clip above. My favorite is Axel Rose singing relaxing music. One of the songs is called “Ocean… Read More

  • Jimmy Fallon tests out Project Natal

    Did ya catch Jimmy Fallon last night? Well, he demoed Project Natal with Microsoft’s Kudo Tsunado and Jim from The Office. Not only was last night’s demo a bit more exciting than the E3 announcement, but it also showed off how Natal can be ported to racing games like Burnout Paradise. (Spoiler: You basically air drive the car with an imaginary steering wheel and peddles.) You… Read More

  • Will Jimmy Fallon's embracing of Internet culture translate into Late Night success?

    We last wrote about the upcoming Jimmy Fallon show quite some time ago, noting that NBC would be using THE INTERNET to create “buzz” and a “following,” so that when the show launched—the first episode of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon airs this Monday night—there would already be some sort of audience. We’ll see how that turns out; NBC and Conan… Read More

  • Jimmy Fallon, next host of Late Night, will cut his teeth on The Internet

    Fans of late night talk shows—college students and people with babies who wake up 87 times during the night—know that Conan is scheduled to take over the Tonight Show in the autumn, and that Jimmy Fallon will take over Late Night at the same time. But did you know that NBC will use THE INTERNET to give Fallon a chance to test out his material? Yup, Lorne Michaels, producer of… Read More