• Google’s new project aims to clean up comment sections

    Google’s new project aims to clean up comment sections

    If you read stuff on the internet (and obviously you do because hi, you’re reading a blog) then you know the golden rule: never read the comments. Scrolling past the end of a story is an adventure into a realm of racism, conspiracy theories and ad hominem attacks that will quickly make you lose your faith in humanity. But instead of encountering Godwin’s Law in the comments, you… Read More

  • Google’s Think Tank Changes Its Name To Jigsaw And Becomes A Tech Incubator

    Google’s Think Tank Changes Its Name To Jigsaw And Becomes A Tech Incubator

    Google Ideas, the company’s think tank, is relaunching as an incubator named Jigsaw (warning: autoplayed audio) to invest in and develop tech solutions to geopolitical problems and digital attacks. Read More

  • Salesforce Finally Fully Integrates Jigsaw Data Into CRM

    Just over a year ago, Salesforce acquired Jigsaw, which provides crowd-sourced data services in the cloud. The startup crowdsources information on professionals and companies and currently has a database of information on more than 24 million professionals at nearly 4 million companies. Now Salesforce is integrating Jigsaw’s data into its CRM product, giving sales representatives… Read More

  • Salesforce Completes The Puzzle With Jigsaw For CRM

    When Salesforce.com bought crowdsourced business contact database Jigsaw for $142 million earlier this year, the CRM giant said that it would combine its suite of applications with Jigsaw’s model for the automation of acquiring and keeping up-to-date business contact data. Today, Salesforce is unveiling Jigsaw’s deep integration into the company’s platform, Jigsaw for… Read More

  • Salesforce Buys Business Directory Jigsaw For $142 Million In Cash Plus Earn-Out

    Salesforce.com has just announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Jigsaw, which provides crowd-sourced data services in the cloud, for approximately $142 million in cash, plus a performance-based earn out of up to 10% of the purchase price. The deal is expected to close in the second quarter of fiscal year 2011, subject to customary closing conditions. Read More

  • The World Has Changed. Is Jigsaw Still Evil?

    In 2006 I was horrified by Jigsaw, a website that encouraged users to upload people’s contact information (often from business cards) for money – $1 per contact. Other people then bought that contact information. Even if you found out about Jigsaw there was no way to get the information removed. Hand out your business card to the wrong person and you could suddenly find yourself… Read More

  • TheOfficialBoard Launches With Wiki Org Charts For 20,000 Companies

    We’re all getting used to the idea that our personal information information is now public to the extent that we share it on social networks and elsewhere on the Web. Corporate data about people’s roles and functions within different organizations is similarly becoming increasingly public. All you need to do is search on LinkedIn to get a person’s entire work history or… Read More

  • Jigsaw Raises $12 Million, Still Evil

    Jigsaw, a company that I have begged our elected representatives to do something to stop, continues to see skyrocketing growth and managed to convince Austin Ventures to lead a $12 Million series B round of financing. Previous investors El Dorado Ventures and Norwest Venture Partners also participated. One of my best friends, Tom Ball, has joined their board of directors, which makes our… Read More

  • Jigsaw is a Really, Really Bad Idea

    Well, just as soon as one company stopped being evil, another one has stepped in to take its place. Jigsaw is a marketplace for contact information, and it is very efficient. It boasts detailed personal contact information for 2.5 million people, and 7,000 new people are added every day. If you want the name, title, email address, direct phone line and/or address of any executive of any… Read More