Building Wear OS watch faces just got easier

At its I/O developer conference today, Google announced a new way for developers to build Wear OS watch faces, along with overall updates to the Android Wear platform, including Wear OS 4. With this u

Google launches Jetpack Compose, an open-source, Kotlin-based UI development toolkit

Google today announced the first preview of Jetpack Compose, a new open-source UI toolkit for Kotlin developers who want to use a reactive programming model similar to React Native and Vue.js. Jetpack

YC’s latest moonshot bet is a startup building a $380K ‘flying motorcycle’

David Mayman has a vision for personal aviation that he’s spent the past dozen years and millions of his personal fortune chasing. He hasn’t accepted the convention that jetpacks were just a misgu

A UK entrepreneur takes flight by attaching miniature jet engines to his limbs

A YouTube collection of grainy video clips highlights the progress Gravity founder Richard Browning has made toward his outlandish dream over the past year. Each seems more terrifying than the last, w

Automattic Launches Jetpack 2.0 For Self-Hosted WordPress Sites, Includes Free Image Offloading, Infinite Scroll & More

Automattic, the company behind the popular WordPress content management and blogging platform, just launched Jetpack 2.0, which brings a number of <a target="_blank" href="">WordP

Single Dad Building Sequel To “Jetpack” Video Game He Built As A Teenager

“Look for Jetpack 2 in 1995.” The message carried on the 1993 2D video game “Jetpack,” created by 16-year old Adam Pedersen and distributed by Software Creations on floppy disk, pledged an

Mozilla's Jetpack .2 Gets A Boost From The Future

<a href=""><img src="" width="215" height="95" /></a>Last month Mozilla introduced u

Martin Jetpack: It lives!

[youtube] Sure, it’s no flying car, but I’d fly this thing silly. The Martin Jetpack will appear on the 29th at the Oshkosh

I'm a Rocket Man! Burning out his jetpack up here alone

[youtube] Yes, please! The Swiss have all the cool stuff. Probably because their entire country is banks and their streets are paved